Andrea Plamondon “Only Eden”

Andrea Plamondon
“Only Eden”
Directed by Andrea Plamondon
Andrea Plamondon: Zenkanian Music
Add date – 12/17/2021

About Andrea Plamondon

Life can take you down many roads, but eventually, it’ll lead you to exactly where you need to be. For Andrea Plamondon, that journey took her through art school, the band scene, theatrical productions, seven cross country hitchhiking trips, and a BA in Poetics, until she found her calling in music. Her one-of-a-kind life experience shaped her unique perspective on songwriting and storytelling that reverberates through every lyric. Andrea Plamondon is a multi-genre artist at heart, from experimenting with pop, rock, and psychedelic music while jamming out in bands to performing exotic middle eastern music and channeling booming vocals during her operatic training. Now, she is finding her place within electro pop and pop rap music, and securing numerous accolades such as winning Best Songs of the Year 2019 and Best Female Independent Artists 2020 from BWH music. With a listen to Andrea Plamondon’s songs you’ll quickly find a voice that can tap into the soul and fill the atmosphere. 

About the video

Feel the warmth of Andrea Plamondon’s ethereal vocals in her latest single, “Only Eden,” a look at how things aren’t what they used to be. Her delicate, honey-like vocals melt into the cascading instrumentals and steady beat. The song features Connor Hutton, a composer and arranger who has assisted Academy Award Winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau, and others. Together they created a timeless classic that feels nostalgic and comforting. The music video follows Plamondon trekking through the Arizona wilderness. Navigating through the open range where cattle roam, the viewer gets to soak in the beauty of nature.

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