andrew reed & the liberation “Too Little Too Late”


andrew reed & the liberation
“Too Little Too Late”
Directed by Andrew J. Reed
Add date – 8/26/2022

About andrew reed & the liberation

Isolation from society… this is a guy that has gone as DEEP as possible into the experience of life, isolating himself from society, in a rustic cabin surrounded by 13,000 acres of wilderness, to find out for himself “what’s it all about?” without the influences or hypnotism based on a “made up” world of ideas, observing nature…and the way life ACTUALLY works on this planet…

For Andrew Reed, this experience, along with the question, “Can a person actually live as a bird of the air or lily of the field?”, resulted in the revelation that YES!, it is.  And this became the foundation of his concept album, As A Bird of the Air… (the first in a trilogy of albums).  Introspection is at the heart of the lyrics of every track he creates with andrew reed & the liberation, while the instrumentals sweep you away into an elevated state of consciousness. Dubbed a “rock mystic” by the indie press, Andrew Reed brings sonic textures, moving themes, and spectacular power ballads to life with each new creative work, and As A Bird of the Air is a testament to his artistry. 

About the “Too Little Too Late” video

Regret is one of the deepest human emotions, and andrew reed & the liberation tap into its complexities in “Too Little Too Late.” This regret is from neglect – and paying the price with the loss of one’s closest friend. When composing the song, it felt as if the guitar lines and lyrics flowed effortlessly from the artist’s fingertips, creating a lush soundscape comprised of his old Strat and Les Paul Custom. “Too Little Too Late” offers new perspectives on relationships and the turmoil of growing up, guiding listeners to listen to their inner voices. The music video is a gorgeous blend of vibrant colors complimenting andrew reed & the liberation’s live performance. It allows fans to witness his incredible stage presence and ability to connect with the audience in a beautiful way. Listen to “Too Little Too Late” for a peek into Andrew Reed’s heart and soul. 

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