Animesika “I Need Your Love” & “Let’s Run Away”

Percy Kiyabu/Gustavo de la Torre & Ivan Casapía
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October 17, 2012

Animesika is a band that has created music with the intention of transmitting great music to fans of the art across the world. With influences including those of well-known artists such as Simple Plan, Def Leppard, and Good Charlotte, Animesika has presented the world with rock ballads and love songs. From the creation of the album The League of Psychodelic Heroes comes two videos that transcribe a story about love, war, and loss.

In 2005, friends Jaren and Dani met when Jaren decided to launch a career in music. However, after performing together, they decided to go their separate ways, branching out in Miami and internationally in countries such as Germany and Switzerland. Over time, the musicians found their voices and learned specific vocal techniques that would inspire them to once again join each other’s company. With their return to Peru, Jaren and Dani fused their musical influences together once more and finished recording an album that is filled with embracing guitar riffs, punk melodies, and outstanding vocal harmonies, The League of Psychodelic Heroes. HIP Video Promo presents two videos in two parts that tell the battle-filled love story of cartoon lovers Nefasto the demon dog with Lubella the angel cat and their incessant need to be with one another in “I Need Your Love” and “Let’s Run Away.”

“I Need Your Love” is part one of the sequel, and it exposes the truthful, yet taunting experiences of young love. There is an alternate video in Spanish, sung in the romantic sounds of the language called “Quiero Tu Amor.” Animesika profoundly creates a childish, yet comedic approach to love in this video. “I Need Your Love” is the beginning of what will occur within the story of these two lovers, and we watch as Chaska, the guardian of the heavens and Rai, the commander of the underworld find their way to track them down, forcing them to be apart. By the end of the first video, we find that the two lovers are well on their way to running away from the cruelties of their separation.

“Let’s Run Away” is a love ballad that captures the unique qualities of Animesika. Having been the second part to the love story, there is also a Spanish version of the video titled “Hay Que Escapar.” Unlike the first song, “Let’s Run Away” is more somber, and ends sadly. Throughout the video we watch as the two lovers try to outrun the angel guards; this then brings about a quarrel between the both of them, and they are seen arguing. By that time, the heavens and the underworld start a war, which ends in a heartfelt death.

The fun side of Animesika’s music is seen throughout part one and part two of these videos. Their ability to create stories that explain the sadness that exists within love is astounding, and they do it in a manner that is childlike, yet extremely adult. Their use of anime is successful, and the band mates even appear within the video, singing diligently to a crowd of cartoons. We’d love to hook you up with all kinds of Animesika goodies, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch. For more information on these groundbreaking musicians, contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit their biography on MTV for more information on Animesika.

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