AV Super Sunshine “Scarecrow”


AV Super Sunshine
Directed by AV Super Sunshine
Victor House Records
Add date – 9/30/2022

About AV Super Sunshine

In high school, Andy Victor – now known as AV Super Sunshine – imagined himself pursuing a career in the visual arts, but once he picked up a guitar, music set him on a new path. It’s the reason that the world has AV Super Sunshine and his universally relatable music today. Since 2014, he’s released multiple songs that have hit the charts as well as on radio and TV. From “Baby Goodbye” all through “Together,” AV Super Sunshine has proven to be a versatile artist with the creative vision, experience, and expertise to hook audiences into each musical production within 30 seconds or less. The competition in the music industry is fierce, and with narrowing audience attention spans to create the allure and appeal, AV has undoubtedly acquired the secret code to stand out and make music lovers fall in love with his psychedelic/indie sound over and over again. Right in time for autumn and Halloween is his next single, “Scarecrow.”

About “Scarecrow”

“Scarecrow” is based on AV’s real-life, supernatural experiences. Not everyone believes in ghosts, but in his Wisconsin home near a graveyard, he was haunted by multiple of them. They followed him wherever he went, and the makeshift scarecrow he created was never enough to keep them at bay. The backing track has a pop/EDM style, and his vocals have rock raspiness and chant-like screaming that will make a range of listeners get into the song. It’s designed for fun and to induce anyone to sing along, and with the repetition of “ghosts come out” throughout, it is easy to get into the spooky lyrics. However, the storyline in “Scarecrow” is deeper than that. We all have ghosts – or at least things of our past that constantly linger and never fully leave us. No matter what defenses and barriers we put up to try and separate ourselves from them, they materialize and continue to torment us. The perspective of “Scarecrow” allows for full immersion for whoever listens, so they can put themselves into this story and understand the words on a more personal level beyond AV Super Sunshine’s connection.

About the video

The video is intentionally scary and includes some eerie imagery: ghosts, creepy dolls and mannequins, cemetery tombstones at dusk, wallpaper peeling off the walls in the house’s rooms, and so on. All the Halloween vibes are there visually. As in some other AV Super Sunshine projects, his wife, Philomena, plays a character working on turning her husband into a scarecrow to scare the ghosts away. The scarecrow in the visual is frightening, considering it’s made of pointy sticks with dark apparel instead of brighter outfits – and we only see its back. Happy straw men certainly do not fit the mold of the “Scarecrow” music video, and that becomes crystal clear no later than 30 seconds in.

Want more from AV Super Sunshine and HIP Video Promo?

It’s always our pleasure championing AV Super Sunshine, and we are so excited to be helping promote his “Scarecrow” music video. Keep AV Super Sunshine on your radar, as he already has more projects in the works, such as an album including “Scarecrow” called Candyland and an indie film, Alien Abduction, coming soon. Thank you for considering this song/visual for your programming and online presentations. For more information or to receive awesome AV Super Sunshine merchandise, contact HIP at info@hipvideopromo.com or 732-613-1779. Visit https://www.avsupersunshine.com/ for more information about AV Super Sunshine.

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