Barbara Kiss "This Time"

Barbara KissArtist:
Gergely Mate Kiss
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September 24, 2015


Barbara Kiss comes from Pécs, the cultural capital of Hungary. Her dreams of becoming an international pop star began at an early age, tirelessly applying herself as a singer, dancer, and playing piano. Her dedication and pursuit has taken her to Italy, where she with recorded her first ever song. She then traveled to Los Angeles, where she expanded her catalog from one song to six songs in a matter of a few weeks. Fast forward several years of hard work and dedication and you get to today, where we bring you her brand new single for “This Time,” a culmination of her years of hard work, and an announcement to the music world that Barbara Kiss has arrived.

“This Time” has all the elements of a pop gem. The backbeat and production is strong and propulsive. The melodies are memorable, alternating between a fast cadence in the verses, to a sweeping grandeur that soars over the chorus. Most importantly, Barbara sings from the heart, clearly approaching the lyrics and message from personal experience. The road may have been rough in the past but she is determined to make it right this time.

The video for “This Time” is a journey unto itself. Mixing vibrant colors and stripped down black and white footage, it follows Barbara as she serenades the camera and a lucky individual on the other end. Whether it be on the alleys of a European city, a quiet lake setting, or cruising down the freeway, her presence is sincere and electrifying. By the end Barbara becomes little more than a silhouette against a setting sun background, but even if the details are gone, the essence of Barbara Kiss still dominates the camera with a pleasurable presence.

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