Beak “Billions Of Eyes” & “Hands Collide”

Chris Eichenseer
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August 27, 2012


The balance of head banging guitar riffs and sultry vocals are emanated within the genre of classic metal rock. For years, artists have been trying to perfect the unique sound of scream-o music that sometimes turns heads, and other times fails. However, with the masterful sounds of Beak, we realize that attaining the goal of recognition comes easy for these musicians. With the introduction of their album Eyrie and videos for “Billions of Eyes” and “Hands Collide,” we see the forthcoming influences of what Beak has to offer.

Beak was founded by Jason Goldberg and Chris Eichenseer, who first made a big impact with their critically acclaimed band The Timeout Drawer. It began as a slow and deliberate attempt to find what could be determined as a heavy, hard, metal rock sound. The process took four years of their lives to create, and it can be said that it is a great success. Not only had the band formed a relatively loud and head-banging set of songs for metal followers, but also they created an essence of existentialism that exists throughout their music. During these four years, the band decided to place themselves in purgatory by avoiding animal products, TV, and living through days on end, not as voluntary as the aforementioned, without the power of electricity. This curious and creative approach to creating music that is lasting and powerful landed them the ability to make Eyrie, their debut album. Fronted by dual guitarists Jon Slusher and Andy Bosnak, the album focuses on undeniable musical visions. With “Billions of Eyes” and “Hands Collide,” we see the gritty process and realistic direction in which the band decided to take their creative approaches, and what came of it is a well thought out and thorough brand of metal music that is captivating and noteworthy.

“Billions of Eyes” captures the necessities of realizing how strong and beautiful the world is. With scenes of landscapes shown in eerie and somewhat haunting black and white images, the song illuminates the importance of the natural world. It gives listeners a sense of awareness like no other, and it presents us with the idea that humans are relatively small and incapable of overpowering nature. “Hands Collide” is somewhat of a mini-film, in which we watch a determined protagonist fulfill a menacing plan. Both videos encompass the contemporary metal music scene in ways that are daunting and chaotic, but Beak captures an essence and a style that is incomparable to other bands that have tried to possess the same lasting rock elements.

With Beak’s empowering videos and their ability to create thrashing guitar notes that are intertwined with screaming vocals, music listeners have a chance to create images that can enable the truth of what every lyric and sound of Beak possesses. For more information on “Billions of Eyes” and “Hands Collide,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit to find out more about Beak.

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