BEEWARE f/ Angel-A “It Is”

Beeware f/ Angel-A
“It Is”
Directed by Bria Bridges
Tenth Avenue Records
Add date – 10/21/2021


Chicago – the city that forged revolutionary artists such as Kanye West, Common, and Curtis Mayfield – has delivered yet another artist looking to bring his unique sound to the mainstream. With over a decade in the rap/soul industry and coming up on his sixth project, BEEWARE has brought honest lyricism and touching themes that speak to current events. For BEEWARE, there is no competition because he specializes in what has been missing in music today: meaningful messages. BEEWARE is a gem of an artist looking to bring appreciation and love for all aspects of life through his latest project, After Carbon. It’s a reminder to always keep your head high even through the darkest of hours. Take a listen to any song from the album and find yourself becoming more grounded in your reality. 

About the video

After spending the past two years living through a grim pandemic, everyone can relate to emotions of hopelessness and feeling burnt out. But is it possible for things to go back to normal to enjoy life once more? BEEWARE says “IT IS”. This track is all about mind over matter. Despite the situations we are tossed into, the human mind can survive great challenges. BEEWARE’s smooth flows are matched with a feature from Angel-A’s soulful melodies. The song hovers on top of a shimmery, chilled-out beat as you appreciate the stunning aerial shots of Sedona, Arizona. Let the song wash over you, and develop a new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you. 

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