Blur “Out Of Time”

John Hardwick
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August 11, 2003


Always revered and exalted in their home land of England, Blur has had phenominal success this year in the states, in large part due to the band’s “Crazy Beat” video released two months ago. The clip has been a big favorite in 2003 among programmers all throughout the country and here at HIP Video we truly appreciate all the attention our friends at video shows and retail pools have shown the video and band. Amani Duncan and Jeannette Echeverri from Virgin Records are so excited about the success the band has acheived in America this spring that they are proud to annouce they are following up with an excellent new Blur video! Here at HIP Video we are thrilled to be on board to continue the Blur barrage!

This veteran underground rock powerhouse returns with the second video offering from the Think Tank CD, the moody and ethereal “Out of Time” . Blur’s characteristically quirky British pop sound is augmented and beautifully complemented by the Moroccan spice and world music rhythms of the Groupe Regional de Marrakech, ably arranged by Desyud Mustafa. The delightful North African flavor of this group adds an exotic feel and enhances the theme of introspective loneliness that is essential to the song.

The story is timeless – a lonely young sailor far from home pining for a lost love. Blur and director John Hardwick give the tale an ultra modern twist, however – the sailor in question is a young American woman, paradoxically isolated among her four thousand-odd shipmates aboard the floating city that’s a modern aircraft carrier. Over the hauntingly melodic bridge, we see her silhouetted against the setting sun as she stands at the edge of the flight deck and gazes wistfully at the sea, remembering what once was but is no more.

Call Andy Gesner at HIP Video for all your Blur needs! The number is 732-613-1779 and the e-mail is The band returns to America this month for a string of a dozen dates and we have tickets to go to the show. Blur is always incredible live and have drastically raised their profile here in the states since the release of Think Tank. The band will also be appearing on the Carson Daly show on Wednesday, July 16th so tune in or set your VCRs. While you’re visiting, you can use any of the links at the right to find out more about all the artists we champion.

The serenity of this clip is a sharp contrast with the surreal chaos of Blur’s previous “Crazy Beat” offering, and clearly demonstrates that this band can always be counted on to bring us something new, different, and appealing.

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