Bret Lockett “Get It All”

Bret LockettArtist:
Erik Hicks
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April 2, 2012


Hello programming friends, it’s Andy Gesner bringing you round two of another standout video from an NFL superstar who has a passion for music to match his ferocity on the gridiron. By now, if you follow the 24 hour tabloid news cycle, you’ve probably heard Bret Lockett’s name mentioned on several occasions in association with some nefarious reality television “star”. But unlike people who are famous just for being on TV, Bret Lockett has earned his fame through an intense amount of hard work and dedication. After firmly establishing his physical talents in the NFL with the New England Patriots, Bret then took his talents behind the microphone and began crafting his musical career. He’s also a model, recording artist, entrepreneur and charity spokesperson for the “Youth of Tomorrow” organization. Last year we brought you the video for “Let’s Go”, which was a smooth offering showing the romantic side of Bret and how he works it with the ladies. This time around, he’s bringing a decidedly more business-minded approach to the table with the new clip for “Get It All”.

This time around, Bret has brought his friends with him and they’re representing the Get It All Campaign. On their website, they list their mission statement and motto that when you you are going to “get it all”, it isn’t about greed, yet rather to remind yourself that you don’t do anything part way, you finish what you start and put 110% into it until you’ve reached that goal. They also promote awareness of other foundations across the country that are working towards the same goals as them, and together they bring a positive and inspiring message. That sounds like the Bret Lockett we know, and he’s featuring his friends and Get It All Campaign associates Prince Syc and DeJuan Turrentine (formerly of hip-hop group Quo) on the single and video for “Get It All”.

The clip begins with Bret, Prince and DeJuan in a posh mansion with the finest furniture and possessions, a wardrobe fit for royalty (and the crown to match) and an immediate sense of urgency from the beginning of the song. The trio trade off verses and choruses like a well oiled machine, Bret and Prince Syc delivering verses that drop so fast they’ll make your head spin with DeJuan bringing us back to the hook that they “get it all”. If you’re like us, you’ll feel like royalty just being a part of their world and seeing how far their hard work and dedication has brought them. The material possessions are not the thing to covet, but rather the success these three have achieved. Bret set a very high bar with the “Let’s Go” video, jet setting to different locations all across the western hemisphere, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that the directing skills of Erik Hicks have brought this clip to another level with the precise and professional look and feel. Between the cinematography and the lighting and editing, it’s only natural that it looks and feels like a million bucks! This video brings these three artists front and center and gives us a glimpse into their world, and we still like what we’re seeing!

We’re very pleased to once again be working with Bret Lockett and Erik Hicks at Inception Entertainment to bring you this hot new video. We’re also stocked with plenty of copies of the Inception mixture, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line to get your hands on one. For more info contact Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or email at You can also visit to find out more about Bret Lockett and the Get It All Campaign.




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