Carolee Rainey “Baby”

Carolee Rainey
Directed by Ryan Sweeney
Add date – 10/6/2023

About Carolee Rainey

Folk Americana singer-songwriter Carolee Rainey carries with her an inimitable spirit of adventure and creativity, singing with fresh wisdom and ageless beauty. When life pulls you up, throws you down, then twirls you around, you learn to become flexible – fast. Maybe that’s why Rainey’s lyrics and melodies are full of so much passion, truth, and conviction. At a young age, ready for adventure, she hopped on a train out West with her guitar and a burgeoning book of songs. Busking by day and jamming on jazz standards by night, she cut her teeth playing both the Santa Cruz and San Francisco scenes, before landing a recording deal and publishing deal. Taking notes from a diverse range of influences in music, art, and film, Rainey developed a unique style of storytelling that penetrates the human experience with stunning arrangements of music and lyrics.

A true multi-dimensional artist, Rainey also brought her creativity to painting, where she discovered a new depth of expression. Through motherhood and her painting career, she laid music aside, only to suddenly rediscover her passion for songwriting once again. Now blasting off with a renewed creative force, she calls this chapter her second wind and hidden rainbow, as she writes songs imbued with her life’s worth of experience and interdisciplinary artistry. Be on the lookout for her album Rooted, due out next year, accompanied by a documentary of the same name.

About the “Baby” video

Carolee Rainey’s most recent single, “Baby,” is a heartwarming depiction that describes every person’s journey when they fly into the world, even though their wings aren’t necessarily firmly attached. Written with her children in mind and available on all streaming platforms now via Sapphire Records, Rainey’s ballad oozes love, longing, and loyalty over an entrancing instrumental arrangement. A song for times of transition, give yourself the gift of Rainey’s wonder and wisdom as you let go in love. 

And welcome in change with the warm vision that is the music video for “Baby,” directed by Ryan Sweeney. Shot in the beautiful fall colors of Connecticut, the video follows a wistful Rainey wandering and wondering her way through the literal and figurative changes around her. Her presence offers a gentle, reflective mirror for the bittersweet taste of the changes we’re all navigating at this time of year. Share a tender moment with your loved ones in their fledging phase with Rainey’s mellifluous masterpiece “Baby.”

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We’re delighted to collaborate with Carolee Rainey and our new friend David Veslocki at Sapphire Records to champion the deeply moving “Baby” music video! Thank you for considering it for your programming and online presentations. Rainey has a short musical documentary, a new album, and several singles and videos for listeners to explore. For more info, or if you’d like us to send some Carolee Rainey merch for contests and giveaways, reach out to the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or Head to or follow @caroleeraineytunes on Instagram and Facebook, or listen to Carolee Rainey on YouTube and Spotify.