Cheflodeezy feat. Marcy Chin “Rough Sex”

Cheflodeezy feat. Marcy Chin
“Rough Sex”
Directed by Steven Bernard
Add date – 3/22/2024

About Cheflodeezy

The story of Cheflodeezy is a testament to the strength of taking life by the reins and having the will and determination to change one’s life for the better. Born in Jamaica, Cheflodeezy moved to the Miami area at the age of 9. Despite finding his passion for music in high school, he found himself homeless and with multiple arrests following his graduation. By the time he was 21, he took charge of his own fate and enrolled in a culinary school, that being what and where he owes his stage name. He would visit the recording studio in between catering gigs before ultimately signing with the Miami record label Artekal. Taking influences from Miami rap and Jamaican dancehall, Cheflodeezy has exploded in popularity, with his lasted single “Ecstacy” garnering over 300,000 streams on Spotify. As of the moment, he is currently working on a one-of-a-kind project for his audience; a dual album debut, one album for each of the aforementioned genres of his heritage.

About “Rough Sex”

Cheflodeezy’s newest track “Rough Sex” is a stark change in style from his previous music, featuring seductive and erotic beats, as well as lyrics that colorfully portray the song’s subject matter. The song’s beats were initially given to Cheflodeezy by 23-year-old Grammy-Nominated music producer Benjii Yang during the pandemic. After experimenting with the material and recording “Rough Sex” by himself, he and the team at Artekal reached out to fellow Jamaican dancehall artist and international sensation Marcy Chin to collaborate on the remix of the original track. Together, they perform with incredible chemistry, and convey to the audience their deepest and darkest desires, with no restraint on how vividly they paint the picture with their lyrics.

About the “Rough Sex” Music Video

Director Steven Barnard perfectly captures the essence of the track in its accompanying visuals. Shot in a remote location in the Californian desert, the music video for “Rough Sex” follows Cheflodeezy and Marcy Chin to a seemingly abandoned gas station, where they stop to presumably let their innermost fantasies play out. The visuals interchange between the duo singing outdoors and becoming intimate inside the gas station store. Even though the song may appear to be celebrating this style of love-making, the music video makes it clear that there is a level of shame between the artists for acting on their primal desires, such as prominently displaying a neon cross on the wall while they perform inside. It raises the question of how far we should let ourselves go to satisfy our sexual itches.

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