Chelsea Tavares “Tea Party”

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Austin Daroven
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MAY 23, 2012


Perhaps it’s in their DNA, or maybe it’s just the natural desire to perform and entertain, but it’s very common in our culture to see a professional crossover between actors and musicians. In our honest opinion, most of them are just fulfilling either a dream or an ego, but never really possess the skills necessary to succeed at both. With Chelsea Tavares, on the other hand, we have a successful actress who has made the jump into being a pop star with ease and is on a trajectory to have a music career as prolific and adored as her acting career.

There’s a good chance you’ve come across Chelsea on TV recently, with her recurring roles as Jordan Randall on ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It or CW’s RINGER as Andrea or previously on Nickelodeon’s hit shows Unfabulous (as series regular Cranberry St. Claire) and Just Jordan (Season 2 as Autumn Williams). Perhaps you caught her on the silver screen in Dreamworks’ Fright Night. You may have even seen her Guest starring on CSI: MiamiThe Practice or The Middle, just to throw a few more out there. At age 10, she made her Broadway debut with Los Angeles Original Cast as Principal lead YOUNG NALA in in Disney’s LION KING at The Pantages Theater. Our goal is not to just name drop popular TV shows, films, or theater to impress, but rather to portray Chelsea a legitimate actress with some serious credibility to her name.

Now that we’ve firmly established her legitimacy as an actress, we’re going to make a bold statement – she’s also a LEGITIMATE singer/songwriter! Her lead vocals are featured on the soundtrack of CW’s Nikkita on the song “Last Shot”. The internationally renowned Shenkar personally asked Chelsea to lend her sultry vocals to the song DESIRE composed by him and Patrick Leonard (Natasha Bedingfield) on the Open the Door Album. She has collaborated with the likes of B. Howard & Internationally acclaimed Mendes Brothers. That being said, it’s our own feeling that it is in her original material that Chelsea really shines. Her new single “Tea Party”, written by Chelsea herself, is a stylish mix of pop, rock and a little R&B to top it off. Chelsea’s velvety voice is front and center while she reminds the boy she’s singing to that relationships and love are a team effort and that there is a lot more that goes into it other than just dressing up nice, looking pretty and playing the part of the quiet companion.

Chelsea’s strong personality and the video for “Tea Party” put her right in the spotlight. It’s no surprise that this professional actress sells the role with full conviction. Additionally, her male lead counterpart plays the part perfectly of the disingenuous and undeserving boyfriend who’s invited to Chelsea’s gathering and is selfishly absorbed in his own digital world, checking out his Facebook, etc. and barely taking the time to glance up and appreciate the beautiful young lady in front him. This metaphoric presentation of TEA PARTY represents the changes in the female’s emotional state and personality in order to please her boyfriend. No change is worth it unless it is real on both ends. Which brings Chelsea to the conclusion that she cannot change anyone but herself and these changes are for self-growth. Unfortunately for him, he’s as dense as a brick wall! It’s only a matter of time before he is shown, with no uncertainty, the way out. We’d all agree that Chelsea is better off with out him!

We’re all very pleased to be working with Chelsea and the entire crew at NTR Associates, Music & Films Inc. to bring you this clip from an artist we are confident will be right at home in your spring and summertime programming! We’d love to hook you up with the “Tea Party” single, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch! If you need more info you can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit Chelsea on Facebook or on her Twitter!

Chelsea Tavares Chelsea Tavares
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