Christina Morgan-Diaz “I Need More”

Christina Morgan-Diaz
“I Need More”
Directed by Maji Most/Ron Crichlow
RJC Productions
Add date – 4/30/2020

About Christina Morgan-Diaz

Whether it be individual or global times of darkness and hardships, it is easy to fall into the mindset of hopelessness. But when faith is gone, what is left? Believers must commemorate the power that has been bestowed by the lord and savior. Christina Morgan-Diaz’s fundamentals always remind us, “With that strength, remember that there is always hope.” The faith-based singer has been dedicated to Christ since her early youth days. Throughout her life, God has given her opportunities to showcase and extend her extraordinary talent and worship. 

Soon after she decided to pursue her musical gift fully, the advocate was ministering to hundreds of women as a featured soloist in the Dominican Republic and sharing the stage at Madison Square Garden and Izod Center for the Christ Tabernacle Choir for Hezakiah Walker and The Katinas. Not only does Diaz spread her praise through uplifting hymns, but she also provides valid mental health support as a licensed therapist. She has witnessed firsthand the torment of mental illness and now infuses her music with honest renditions of her early life and maturity as she overcame her experience.

About the video

Diaz is all too familiar with practicing what she preaches; her benevolence is evident in the music video for “I Need More.” The uplifting track was written by Pastor Thomas Johnson and was donated to Diaz so she could fulfill his vision. Her presence is conspicuous in the soft natural tones of Forest Park in Queens, NY, as she stands strong and resilient in a radiant blue dress. As she asks, “But what can I give to Him?”, Diaz answers herself as the scenery transitions to a sunlit boat ride and chants, “I’ll give Him all my love.”

The only way to give back to Christ is by giving back to your community. In times of hardship, God is providing many answers, but it is up to us to lend a helping hand to family, friends, and strangers. Diaz is satisfied with the answer she reveals and serenades herself with His glory. Amidst adversities, in order to serve God, we have to serve others.

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