Danny Griego & KP Fitz “Twenty Two”

Danny Griego & KP Fitz
“Twenty Two”
Directed by J.L. Christopher
American Ark
Add date – 11/5/19

About Danny Griego & KP Fitz

The land of the free wouldn’t be what it is without the brave men and women who protect what this country stands for and the people who inhabit it. However, in making their sacrifice for the free, the brave can fall into dark places, and 22 of those courageous few take their lives each day. Danny Griego and KP Fitz are singing on behalf of those soldiers. In their patriotic country track appropriately named “Twenty Two,” Griego and Fitz show appreciation to those that risked their lives on the front lines of war and depression. They take a hard look at what this epidemic means in our country and demand that we work together to save the lives of those that fight to protect ours.

“Twenty Two” is essentially a pleading message to the people of our nation’s military that they are loved and wanted in this world. Although the road of life may have been unforgiving and unjust, Griego and Fitz want veterans to know that their sacrifice has not gone unappreciated and that it should be the duty of all Americans to tell our brave few that we are here for them. “Twenty Two” is a beautiful ballad that has a strong moral lesson to it and works to make our country a safer and more understanding place. Its finely-honed country twang and skillfully-crafted instrumentals are simply an accessory to the real meaning that this track has.

Danny Griego’s latest album is currently making its way up to the top of the Billboard 200. KP has recently made a musical appearance on the popular broadcast show Fox and Friends. Both artists have great things on the horizon and even more fantastic music on the way.

About the video

The “Twenty Two” music video follows one of the potential twenty-two that Griego and Fitz are reflecting upon. He is a recently discharged soldier whose legs have been amputated. The audience finds him struggling to fit back into his home environment and battling the negativity that haunts his life. In one reality of the video, he sadly succumbs to his struggles. In another, a community of individuals take responsibility and show this brave man that what he did has not gone unappreciated. Actions such as past veterans talking to the young hero and a child saluting him come to help the fallen man realize that his country loves him and needs him here in the world.

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