De Royce “XCAPE”

De Royce
Directed by Damien Sandoval
Natural Bridge / Diversity
Add date – 4/5/2021

About De Royce

Music that heightens the senses, evokes locked memories, and creates hopeful daydreams, is music sparked by fire-starters themselves. De Royce is a groove catalyst with a seductive R&B voice paired with modern dance moves with a timeless flare. His classic style never expires, explaining why BET Jams and MTV Spankin’ New took such a liking to his past music video “Groove” with emcees Jay Dutch and BiiG Dreams. Its glossy synthesizers, Caribbean texture, and propulsive beat were the perfect playground for the trio to experiment with – and they definitely conceived the perfect formula for a lightweight and retro-radiant track. The Queens, New York artist keeps it soft but keeps it real. “Get in tune or stay off my frequency,” states the sweet-singer – he only vibes with people on his level. 

About the video

If you need a theme song to jam out to while grooving inside a kaleidoscopic venue, De Royce’s newest funky music video, “XCAPE,” is it. He’s taking out the last bag of trash at his janitorial job when a special set of headphones transport him to a phosphorescence dance club (emphasis on the dance). The moves are in sync, as well as the chemistry flowing throughout the dancefloor. 

The singer scores a lucky night with his love interest for the evening, or so he thinks. “I came here to dance, so baby, take my hand / Don’t be shy,” De Royce sings. So, the femme fatale does exactly that and leads him to the steamy bedroom. Except, the handcuffs used to chain him to the bed don’t have the same purpose he was hoping for. With one quick phone call, another mysterious woman enters with a chainsaw, and you can surmise what happens next. De Royce wakes in his custodial uniform with supplies in hand – realizing he fell asleep on the job. This fever dream has passed, and De Royce is alone with no pretty (or dangerous) girls to keep him company, only the floors he has left to mop.

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