Deerhoof “The Merry Barracks”

Aikio McQuerrey & Jason Drakeford
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October 3, 2011


Greetings programmers, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video promo staff with a creepy, haunting clip from a press favorite, the Polyvinyl Records indie art punk vets Deerhoof. No one is safe from their eerie imagination in “The Merry Barracks,” the latest entry from the band’s 10th studio album Deerhoof Vs. Evil.

Deerhoof perform the impossible once again. The group takes sounds running in two different time signatures and puts them together into one cohesive and enjoyably catchy song, which manages to be as exciting as it does tranquil. If you know anything about Deerhoof, you know that this sort of wild combination comes naturally for a band that released an album with different songs running in the right and left ear at the same time. The band has also experimented with clashing genres in the last single you’ve received from us from this latest record titled “Super Duper Rescue Heads !”

On a constant mission to reinvent themselves, Deerhoof have built a massive and loyal following worldwide that even consists of living legend David Bowie, who recently personally hosted the band at a festival in New York City. Deerhoof have opened for Wilco, Radiohead, The Roots, The Flaming Lips, and Bloc Party in their recent excursions. Rolling Stone described Deerhoof Vs. Evil as “pop tunefulness, with surreal lyrics,” raving about the band’s tendency to be unique. Let’s also not forget that even the moody and, usually, overly critical Pitchfork went so far as to label Deerhoof as “the best band in the world.” The group has also been applauded by press outlets like NMESPINAlternative Press, and The New York Time among others.

“The Merry Barracks” music video starts out with singer Satomi Matsuzaki’s ghost rising above her body and traveling around various shops and streets, haunting the people there. The video is completely in black and white, making this music video even spookier. The ghost scenes are so well done that given the right circumstances, this clip could actually give you the chills! After traversing the town, Satomi’s ghost returns to seek vengeance by blowing everybody’s head to smithereens, bringing the entire area to the ground. Just to add the strange, when everyone’s head explodes, it does so into bits of cupcakes, cars, and rubber ducks!

From the imagination of Deerhoof and to your doorstep, we bring you this extremely unique video. Big thanks to the good folks at Polyvinyl for allowing us to share this gem with you. Let us know if you would like copies of Deerhoof Vs. Evil for any giveaways or contests. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about Deerhoof and any tour dates near you.

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