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March 10, 2015


He’s a sweet-voiced singer, an enthusiastic piano pounder, an onstage dynamo, a master of melody with a knack for crafting songs that stick in the heads of his listeners. He’s Derek Bishop, and he belongs to the clubs and streets of New York City. There, he’s been a closely guarded secret kept by a devoted cadre of fans — but once his upcoming album Bicycling In Quicksand is released this April, nothing is going to stop the world beyond the Hudson and East Rivers from finding out about this charismatic artist.

On the cover of Bicycling In Quicksand, a leather-booted Bishop balances atop a wheel while holding a umbrella. It’s a pose that broadcasts insouciance, attitude, and poise under pressure — and a sense of humor. Those are some of the qualities that have endeared Derek Bishop to fans, many of whom identify strongly with the singer’s honesty and openness about his sexuality. Much of Resistance Is Beautiful, Bishop’s first album, is forthright about the difficulties and joys of coming out. Bishop’s music has been embraced by gay audiences who recognize the artist as a brave reporter who has gotten the story right.

That said, Out Magazine,, Revolutionary Gay, and Gay UK wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about Bishop’s music as they are if the beats and melodies weren’t in place. Bicycling In Quicksand, which draws equally from dance music, soul, synthesizer music, and ’70s piano rock, is a deeper, richer, more colorful trip than its predecessor. The new record is an exhibition of Bishop’s talents as a lyricist, tunesmith, and arranger, and “Baggage,” its lead single, is the artist at his exuberant best. Here’s an old-school club beat, an elastic, propulsive bass line, sweeping synth strings, congas, a tricky, dizzy lead riff in the chorus, and a clever kiss-off, too. In a little less than four minutes, Bishop manages to evoke new wave, vintage mirror-ball disco, Pet Shop Boys-style storytelling synthpop, and contemporary dance-rock.

Many new artists struggle to find a visual signature to match their sound. That hasn’t been a problem for Bishop. Everybody who knows him knows exactly how he presents himself — shiny leather, stubble, shades, the occasional open shirt, and a flat cap tugged toward the side of his face. It’s a classic gay male look, and one that Bishop owns proudly. The engaging clip for “Baggage” opens with Bishop’s leather-booted foot atop an old tape The singer dances through the video under illumination meant to evoke the excitement of the club. By the end, his body has become tangled in the reel-to-reel tape — an effective visual metaphor for mental and physical bondage, and the catchiness of his music, too! 

We are incredibly excited to be working with Derek and his entire team to bring you his exceptional new video and music. We would love to see you support this video, so please get in touch to let us know what we can do on our end to make this happen! For more information please contact Andy Gesner and the staff at HIP Video Promo at (732)-613-1779 or email us at for more info.

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