Devon Meyers “Sinner”

Devon MeyersArtist:
Five Oh Films
Add Date:
June 8, 2016


Hailing from the Southwest shores of Florida, Devon Meyers is a timeless soul paving his way to a long and meaningful musical career. He strives to create a musical tapestry that represents the full spectrum of the human experience. Whether it be stories of love or tales of loss, Devon uses his distinctive voice to create songs that are timeless yet progressive, modern and soulful. Most importantly he strives to write songs that listeners can easily relate to, no matter how intimate it may be.

For his newest single, “Sinner,” Devon has crafted a track that hits right in the heart. It’s a song that tackles the blurry lines between true love and carnal addiction. This high-energy clip has a throbbing low end, with electronic and analog instrumentation sprinkled over top. While the verses dance in and out of the beat, the chorus opens up into a soaring palette for Devon to declare repeatedly “I’m all out, I’m all out of love!”

The video for “Sinner” is a delightfully deviant clip that tickles all of the right vices! Right from the get-go it’s clear this clip is going to be a wild ride. It begins with Devon tightly tied to a chair in the dimly lit kitchen with a mischievous vixen donning little more than an apron and sexy undergarments fixing up something tasty to eat. For desert, Devon finds himself cuffed to the bed posts, ready to be devoured by his captor. Though this may seem like every red-blooded young man’s dream, the lyrics paint a picture of a relationship that lost it’s love and is only held together by carnal desires.

In between the action, we are treated to a variety of performance shots of Devon, complete with his own crew of misfits and entertainers. Fire jugglers, aerial gymnasts, and stilt walkers all contribute to this vibrant carnival vibe, with Devon front and center. Like a psychedelic circus, this underground scene is the perfect compliment to story of Devon’s emotional and physical captivity!

We’re all incredibly excited to introduce you to this exceptional artist unafraid to break down genres and tear down musical barriers. it would be our greatest pleasure to get this video into your programming, so please get in touch and let us know what we can do to help make that happen. Contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at