Disq “Loneliness” and “Daily Routine”


“Loneliness” and “Daily Routine” Music Videos
Directed bycoool (Jake Nokovic + John TerEick)
Saddle Creek
Add date – 2/12/2020

About Disq

Disq’s debut album Collector ought to be taken literally—it is a place to explore and catalogue the Madison, Wisconsin band’s relationships, the past, and the world beyond the American Midwest. Collector is defined and tightly-contoured by the ties between all five members: Raina Bock (bass/vocals), Isaac deBroux-Slone (guitar/vocals), Shannon Connor (guitar/keys/vocals), Logan Severson (guitar/vocals), and Brendan Manley (drums)—all equally dedicated and adventurous musicians committed to coaxing genre boundaries. Produced by Rob Schnapf, Collector is a set of songs largely pulled from each of the members’ demo piles over the years. They’re organic representations of each moment in time, gathered together to tell a mixtape-story of growing up in 21st century America. The songs are marked by urgency, introspection, tongue-in-cheek nihilism, and a shrewd understanding of pop and rock structures and their corollaries—as well as a keen desire to dialogue with and upset them. Due March 6, Collector will be released by Saddle Creek, home of Hop Along, Bright Eyes, Big Thief, The Faint, Black Belt Eagle Scout and more.

About the videos

On “Loneliness,” Isaac DeBroux-Slone sings “All I wanted was some loneliness / Guess I’ll have plenty of it soon.” His low-key, disaffected lines ride effortless melodies that signal loud and clear that when bassist Raina Bock, drummer Brendan Manley, and guitarists Logan Severson and Shannon Connor join in, things are going to get loud and loose. Sure enough, the droning, macabre intro gives way to a good time rollicker. The track jumps from the speakers with all the messy rawness it had when the chords were first strung together.

DeBroux-Slone, six-string on his back, heads to a show on a snowmobile (as one does), helmet on. He meets up with his crew, and the band takes the floor-level stage at a cozy bar crammed with old folks. This crowd’s not having it, but who cares? – certainly not the band, who are having a blast banging it out for anyone within earshot. Just as Disq gets to the rocking part, with the harmonies and the volume pedals, the barkeep cuts the breaker. But the band plays on, and he only manages to flip a switch in the audience, who instantly acquire great taste in music. It’s an “us-against-the-world-oh-wait-the-world-likes-us-too” scenario that rings absolutely true as a retelling of how this band probably began.

In the clip for the album opener “Daily Routine,” the band play themselves in a basic cable TV show – but is it a sitcom or a dark crime drama? The band doesn’t seem to know, but that seems to be Disq’s M.O. as music makers too. The opening credits roll as DeBroux-Slone lets out a tuneful groan, soon to be backed by woozy guitars before the whole band crashes in like a panic attack. If the video is to be believed, “The Daily Routine Show” will enjoy six seasons, which bodes well for those of us already in love with Disq’s slashing guitars and off-kilter, only kinda apathetic melodicism. Spoiler alert: they die gruesome deaths at the hands of demonic spirits, but hey, it was pretty kickass while it lasted, right?

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