Doll Phace “Let’s Go To Vegas”

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Doll Phace & Ben Griffin
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May 6, 2011


Greetings programmers! Check out this blazing new clip from an R&B diva that is tearing up both, the social and the music scenes: Doll Phace. Employing the one and only Doggfather of rap, Snoop Dogg, to be part of her hit new single titled “Let’s Go To Vegas,” Doll Phace has been making quite a splash in the music and gossip community. Recently appearing on the hugely popular gossip website, Doll Phace has been a strong presence at high profile red carpet events, including a Vivica Fox’s red carpet party. The website also featured the singer’s behind-the-scenes video in regards to her collaboration with Snoop. It also helps that Snoop Dogg has been boasting and raving about their collaboration in various interviews.

“Let’s Go To Vegas” is the hit single that has already started to appear on urban and pop radio stations across the country, including KHTN Hot 104.7 Modesto. The track is off of Doll Phace’s upcoming albumLove Tonic, due later this year. The record also hosts a single featuring rapper E-40. “Let’s Go To Vegas” is Doll Phace’s message to the world: don’t gamble with her heart! Love already has high stakes, and if you’re going to gamble, then you might as well head down to Vegas. The singer’s numerous fans connect with how she channels her experiences through her instantly poppy melodies. In fact, Doll Phace is becoming increasingly popular on amongst the Twitter community, reaching a massive army of 43,895 followers do date, without the use of any “follow back” apps or services. It is easy to see how listeners across America will rapidly dig the song’s energetic beat and synth that keeps the song grooving in the manner of Mariah Carey meets Katy Perry. Snoop Dogg is also a big part of the song, appearing in several verses.

The video captures the concept of the track in full fervor. The clip features the energetic diva wrapped in seductive skin and glamorous accessories. The cuts feature Doll Phace driving a classic sports car through the gorgeous California winding roads. She then parks the car and has synchronized dancers join her for the refrain. There are also plenty of scenes featuring our lovable heroine alongside Snoop Dogg, as they gamble and party in the jungle of Las Vegas. The video is full of glitz, yet never cheesy. You will not find any over-the-top and unrealistic excess here. This prestigious realism makes Doll Phace an inspiring and shining goal of aspiration, rather than a cheesy cliché, which is a mistake many of her contemporaries constantly repeat. The abundance of good taste in this video comes straight from the source. Doll Phace co-directed this video herself. She’s been involved in several big budget video productions, including Eddie Griffin’s “Freedom of Speech,” so her experience in the subject is vividly clear.

Programmers, please help us showcase this deserving and rising star to the masses. We are truly thrilled to work with Doll Phace and True Vision Media Group on this exciting project. We’ve got plenty of Doll Phace souvenirs here at the office and would love to share it with you and your viewers, so let us know and we’ll get it to you right away. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about The Album Leaf.

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