Dusty Stray “Turn Me Around”

Dusty StrayArtist:
Jasper Scheepbouwer (SnackbarDesiree.com)
Add Date:
March 9, 2016


Dusty Stray’s music has been described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a bleak world illuminated by sparks of dry wit, sunny harmonies retracing the grim path of fate with a spring in their step. The newest single “Turn Me Around,” from the LP A Tree Fell And Other Songs, is one that delivers a heavy dose of this uplifting sadness. 

Dusty Stray is the musical project of Jonathan Brown, a preacher’s son whose sound is grounded in the dark side of the early American folk tradition he was brought up on. Born in Taiwan, raised in Texas, he’d while away long hours of confinement to a church pew, scrawling out his own song lyrics on the back of the prayer sheet. As he traveled the globe and became a true citizen of the world he honed his songwriting skills, creating an impressive catalog of LPs. His newest effort, A Tree Fell And Other Songs, is the newest addition to that set and promises to continue his rapid evolution.

If you’re looking for a music video that is totally unique, ambitious, and absolutely like nothing else we’ve ever seen, take a look at “Turn Me Around.” The video begins with an overhead shot of a Dusty Stray vinyl spinning on the deck. But like the music of Dusty Stray, the record soon transforms into a whole new world built via the stunning 3D animation of Jasper Scheepbouwer.

The focus is on the silhouette of a man that comes to life. He sits alone contemplating the passing of a loved one and at he same time his own mortality and loneliness, the ghost-like figure of his former love fading in and out by his side. As his world turns, literally along with the clockwise rotation of the vinyl, the seasons change and the man ages before our eyes. The emotion on his face is as pained and human as any live action video we’ve encountered.

We can’t stress enough how gorgeous of a video you are about to witness and we sincerely hope that you will take a few minutes to clear your plates and enjoy the beauty. We would really love to hook you up with a copy of A Tree Fell And Other Songs, so please get in touch asap to let us know! For more information please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit http://DustyStray.com/ or http://www.GreatWaters.nl/.


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