Five Finger Death Punch “Never Enough”

Five Finger Death PunchArtist:
Agata Alexander
Add Date:
August 21, 2008


Hello rock fans! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, here with a follow-up clip from the fastest-rising stars in contemporary metal. If you’re a fan of the rough stuff, chances are, you’ve had plenty of recent exposure to the music of Five Finger Death Punch. “The Bleeding”, their debut single, has been in heavy rotation on commercial radio since its release last year. The incendiary cut forced its way into the mainstream rock top 10 (peaking at #7) and established the Los Angeles quintet as a force to be reckoned with. Not bad for an uncompromising thrash/groove metal band made up of unrepentant challengers of all kinds of authority!

You may have seen them in person, too. Since the initial release ofThe Way Of The Fist last year, Five Finger Death Punch has been one of the hottest draws on the hard-rock concert circuit. They’ve starred on the second stage on the Family Values Tour, and swept through the country in support of KoRn and Disturbed. This summer, they’ve appeared alongside Slipknot, Mastodon, and Machine Head (among others) on the massive Rockstar Mayhem Tour. Those who’ve survived the shows report that Five Finger Death Punch have more than held their own – in fact, they’ve convinced hardcore audiences that they’re the heirs apparent to the hard rock legends with whom they’ve shared stages. Best of all, they’ve done it their own way: they may indeed be the future of commercial metal, but they haven’t compromised their attitude or their stance.

Mainstream demand for the group’s music continues to grow: The Way Of The Fist, the group’s scalding debut, has already broken into the Billboard Hot 200. But Five Finger Death Punch generates material at a heady pace, and some of these new songs have already become concert favorites. In an attempt to keep up with the band and its devoted fanbase, Firm Music has appended three new songs to the re-release of The Way Of The Fist. “Never Enough” is just one of those bonus recordings, and it’s probably the most forthright, anthemic, and accessible track they’ve ever waxed. It’s also certain to be the band’s most successful effort, too: “Never Enough” has already reached #8 on the Active Rock charts.

The latest Five Finger Death Punch single is a heavy-metal rallying cry, and a kick in the teeth aimed at anybody with the audacity to tell the bandmembers how to live. The “Never Enough” video takes a hard line against suburban conformity, too – even if it might take you a view or two to figure out exactly what’s going on. Director Agata Alexander has delivered a cryptic and fascinating clip that examines the lives and lies of a self-deluded nuclear family. There’s plenty of performance footage of Five Finger Death Punch in action, too, and that’s awfully exciting – but the most intriguing shots in the video are the ones devoted to a family drama where nobody is exactly as he or she seems. We’re not told exactly what’s going on, but we’re shown a guy with a mohawk and a brunette making out, that same hooligan in the car with a younger kid, and an older man in the midst of some kind of drug connection. The hooligan and the kid don ski masks and knock up a convenience store; after the deed is done, the addict arrives at the scene of the crime and shows off his badge. In the next shot, the woman takes off her wig, and reveals that she’s been in disguise throughout. Finally, we’re shown idyllic family stills and we realize why: the amorous girlfriend is the mother, the druggie cop is the dad, and the budding armed robber is the loving son.

It is a pleasure to be working once again with Danielle Johnigan and everyone at Firm Music on the new Five Finger Death Punch Video. They have been kind enough to supply us with plenty of copies of The Way of the Fist, for your on-air giveaway needs. You can also catch the band on tour during the months of August and September, as well another BIG tour planned for the Fall. Please let us know if you would like to interview the band or setup video IDs when they come through your market. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about Five Finger Death Punch.

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