Foolish Human “Lake Union”

Foolish Human
“Lake Union”
Directed by Katie Preston
Add date – 5/4/2021

About Foolish Human

Jared Hallock’s recent release of “Bleed WIth Who?”, under the moniker of Project213, is a song about metamorphosis accompanied by a video of his body decomposing into beautiful butterflies; a fitting metaphor as he flutters into his next project, Foolish Human. Foolish Human is the synergistic creation of Hallock and band mate Benson Cabiao. With their first single, “Lake Union”, Foolish Human reveals an aesthetic that sounds like a love letter to the Pacific Northwest.

With every new moniker, Hallock doesn’t just transform; he expands his reach and experiments with new perspectives. In this collaboration with Cabiao, Foolish Human tells a story from a completely different emotional perspective than Project213. Like a scar burdened with memories that slowly fade, Foolish Human gives us a journey over a longer, more reflective time period. Lyrics that remind us that it is “lots more fun to get in trouble” are supported by an emotive soundscape that bleeds with heartache. Overall themes focus on introspection and self-reflection, the journey within. 

About the video

Towering mountains and vast open roads are one way to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and in the music video for “Lake Union,” two female protagonists lead the way. The relationship between the two is ambiguous and open for interpretation. Are they lovers or just friends? The only thing that seems to matter is the depth of their connection as they ride their motorcycles, taking pitstops filled with pure smiles and warm energy. They ride with contentment and liberation; there’s no sense of urgency – just the comfort of partnership. What was once a journey for two becomes a solo ride when one of the bikers releases a jar of ashes into the valley. Behind her is the silhouette of her former companion slowly fading away. She continues their journey alone but with a presence that will always be along for the ride. 

“ …if you look real hard you can make out what’s left of a scar…”

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