Frank Viele “Easy Money”

Frank VieleArtist:
Will Talamelli & Michael Guenther
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October 24, 2014


Frank Viele constructs his sound beneath an acoustic funk ceiling with windows of alternative pop, folk and soul. A musical carpenter in the independent rock genre, this singer/songwriter’s approach mixes a dry wit with a soulful touch. A storytelling angle finishes out the floors of this building. Frank’s sound construction is cemented together by a solid blues foundation and his stylistically aware approach is evident in his singing and guitar playing. Working off the brick and mortar of influences ranging from Dave Matthews to Otis Redding and Ray Lamontagne to Johnny Lang, Frank delivers an authenticity showcasing a familiarity to the inspirations that came before him. Frank Viele is Acoustic funk, electrified with a shot of Pop, Rock and Soul. Add Rhythm and Blues for a Chaser.
A self-professed terrible driver, cartoon lover and blue-collar entrepreneur, Frank’s musical roots started in his hometown of Milford, Connecticut. His passion for music developed as early as the age of three, when Frank was imitating songs on his Grandmother’s piano that he heard on the television.
For his new video “Easy Money” Frank takes his love of cartoons and blends it with the sultry and jazzy sounds to turn in a fun-loving and unique animated gem. The video opens with real-life Frank banging around on his acoustic guitar for a few minutes in his living room before grabbing the remote and turning on the boob tube. We’re quickly transported into a colorful story that embodies the lyrics of “Easy Money.” It tells the tale of an average man and his desire to get the girls of his dreams. Sure he’s tempted along the way and encounters a little heartache here and there, but this is a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t to settle for anything less than the best. The cast of characters is an eclectic bunch and they all contribute to making a wildly enjoyable clip!
We’re very proud to be working such a talented and diverse artist like Frank Viele and we are certain you will dig this video as much as we have! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to get this video into your programming. You can contact Andy Gesner and the
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