Gabi Sklar “LA Changes You”

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Last American BBoy
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June 15, 2016


16-year-old Long Island, NY native Gabi Sklar was fueled at a very young age by a desire to express her emotions and make sense of the world around her. What began as a curious 8-year-old stepping up to a grand piano has turned into a fully blossomed talent creating lyric-centric, intimate pop songs connecting with others. Her newest single, “LA Changes You” is a focused effort that spotlights a unique, and sometimes heartbreaking, cultural and geographical phenomenon.

Though she may be young in years she’s seasoned in the music industry, having caught the attention of and worked alongside some of the hottest names in the game. She’s spent the last 6 months recording music with multi-platinum producers, Ryan Marrone, Frequency, xSDTRK , Jonas Jeberg, and Matt Squire. In part with recording credits, she has been actively training with vocal coach, Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson) and performance coach, KJ Rose (Diddy). She recently traveled to Beijing, China, where she performed a 10-day music tour, which was covered by various Chinese news outlets.

The “LA Changes You” video, directed by Last American BBoy (Method Man “The Purple Tape”) opens with a newspaper headline that reads “Every Years Hundreds Of Kids Move To Los Angeles Chasing Fame And Fortune.” In the accompanying picture is internet sensation Christian Davies seated on a small couch inside of a derelict room. As photos that represent better times are burned one by one, he also slowly succumbs to the self-destructive life of addiction. Gabi appears by his side, helplessly witnessing as he slowly slips away. Her touching, powerful performance brings a new life to the clip and offers a wise, cautionary tale about the struggles of substance abuse that is much too regular of a fixture in the young lives on the west coast. 

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