GALI “Tomorrow Never Dies”

Ben Winestone
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November 17, 2014


Following GALI’s stunning success of last single “I’m Alive”, a track which peaked at #5 on the official UK club charts as her first ever UK Top 10 and stayed in the Top 20 in many European & North American national dance charts, GALI has joined forces with legendary Grammy-nominated producer/remixer Dave Aude, on third album single “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

Already making a big impression across the board, “Tomorrow Never Dies” represents another slice of expertly produced, thoroughly insightful dance music. A lineup of today’s hottest DJs have also taken “Tomorrow Never Dies” for a spin, including UK DJs Andi Durrant, Richard Cutmore, Undercover Lover, Jochen Simms and Fonc Belago.

Canadian singer-songwriter GALI’s wealth of world experiences gives her new single “Tomorrow Never Dies” an aural template that excels beyond the typical bleeps and blips that define so much of the dance genre. Her music elicits a positive, happy and emotive reaction among her growing fan base. Her message is easy to digest: straight-to-the-heart lyrics accompanying percolating love songs that are ideal for twirling inside clubland.

The new video for “Tomorrow Never Dies” is an uplifting and communal encapsulation of the beauty of connecting with all walks of life. Shot in downtown Toronto and the shores of Lake Ontario, the video focuses on GALI as she walks the streets and does something incredibly simple, but rather remarkable in this day and age; she interacts with strangers and puts herself out there, making new friends and fans along the way. Her sunny disposition is infectious and it is only a matter of time before these complete strangers are sharing photos, hugs, and even their food with her. The bond is immediate and it’s a strong reminder that even in this day and age of digital immersion and viral personas nothing can come close to topping the warmth and intimate nature of the human spirit!

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