The Greenhornes “It Returns”

The GreenhornesArtist:
Austin Vince
Add Date:
March 24, 2003


The Greenhornes are a high energy, no nonsense rock band hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their new CD Dual Mono has been released by Hoboken-based Telstar Records, and the band has shot the debut video for their first single, “It Returns”. The Greenhornes play ’60s style psychedelic garage rock that has as much in common with the Kinks and The Yardbirds as it does retro rockers The White Stripes. Their sound, though, is a bit more based in the blues, giving them the feel of a circa-mid-60s Rolling Stones

There are no flowery or over-the-top adjectives to describe The Greenhornes. Lucky for us, none are needed.This is rock n roll stripped down to its vital core…it sounds almost incomplete without the pops and scratches from the old vinyl recordings it closely resembles and instantly brings to mind. The Greenhornes have rediscovered, or reinvented, the sound that hooked many of us on rock during our formative years. This is dirty music, not prurient, but affably scruffy and a bit frayed at the edges

It’s impossible to listen to this music and not think “sixties”-but that’s not saying enough. You can even add that quintessential sixties term “flashback”, which is a natural reaction to the psychedelia-tinged video imagery of “It Returns”. The droning, fuzz-toned guitar threatens to overwhelm the guttural, slightly slurred vocals. Listening to The Greehornes gives just an idea of what life might have sounded like in the Davies household when Ray taught his little brother Dave to play his first guitar.

For all the grit and grime, though, “It Returns” is innocent – a much-needed reminder that rock and roll is supposed to be, first of all, fun. It’s not exactly clean fun, but it’s all the more endearing for that. These fellows obviously enjoy what they’re doing, and the sincere and unbridled revelry is contagious. Yeah, it’s throwback music..but that’s hardly a bad thing.

Telstar Records head honcho Todd Abramson has teamed up with HIP Video to offer “A Night on the Town with The Greenhornes” contest. The band will be touring throughout the Spring, playing some of their shows with musical kindred spirits Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Any programmer that adds the “It Returns” clip for the add dates of March 21st and 24th will be entered in a drawing to win tickets to The Greenhornes’ show in their town and dinner at their favorite restaurant. The winner will also receive the complete Telstar Record catalog. For info, call Andy Gesner at HIP Video at 732-613-1779 or e-mail The drawing will be held April 28th.