Hannah Gill "I Feel Awake"

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Amber Gray
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February 16, 2015


In a world conditioned towards overly utilizing digital trickery like auto-tune to perfect songs, hearing top-notch raw vocal talent is more refreshing than ever. Enter: 17-year-old rising star, Hannah Gill. Sounding nearly twice her young age, the stylish, wildly talented Maryland-based songstress has a voice that will leave you mesmorized. An avid lifelong music fan, and inspired by the real-deal sultry, soulful singing greats, such as Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Kate Nash, Hannah Gill has already carved out a soaring, mature, radio-ready sound all her own, and it’s one that’s sure to gain the world’s attention. One listen of her brand new single, “I Feel Awake,” will make you a believer.

Her charming Amber Gray-directed music video transports Gill into an enchanted, storybook-like world where her dreams come to life. Liberated in a way she yearns to be in her waking life, she happily explores her unconsciousness, wandering through the castle of her dreams and dancing joyously at a masquerade with masked friends. She sings about her all too human desire for the strength to live her life as carefree as she feels when she’s sleeping and free of worry: “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with me/Just took a walk to breathe to leave the rest alone/Fortune and pain may come along at time/But we all know, they’ll just fade/And I don’t understand why we fear”. The culmination of thoughtful lyricism, strong musicianship and captivating visuals will leave you craving for more from the young new artist.

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