HIP Picks: New Videos from Sy Smith, C.K. Marion, and more | 2/22/2021

New This Week: "Feeling Good" music video from Sy Smith ft. DominiqueXavier, plus new music videos from C.K. Marion ft. Saint Mercury, Sharon Hendrix, Eucalyption, Project213, PORSHA, Terry Milla, Daglio

The temperatures are rising and could it be... the sun is shining here in Central New Jersey! It's a great day to check out new music, and our newest HIP Picks - Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

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“Feeling Good” Music Video: Sy Smith ft. DominiqueXavier (Soul/R&B)

With five solo albums and collaborations with icons like Zo!, The Foreign Exchange, and Phonte, plus notable acting chops (How I Met Your Mother, American Dad), Sy Smith is truly a “queen who does queen stuff”. “Feeling Good” is a makeover of Nina Simone’s 1965 classic, where Sy is joined by DominiqueXavier (keyboards for Prince, MonoNeon, Snoh Aalegra). In the “Feeling Good” video (directed by Mike Quain), she quite literally dances past her obstructions, embracing and claiming positive words for a new outlook on life.

“Get Up” Music Video: C.K. Marion ft. Saint Mercury (Hip-hop/pop)

Denver rapper, producer, and songwriter C.K. Marion elevates minds with her music. “Get Up”, which comes on the heels of her Resist album, features additional vocals from Saint Mercury and it’s bound to change minds. In its video (which was directed by Theodore Flores (T-Flo), Nicole Marion), she’s on the steps of a courthouse, summoning a resurrection.

“Hold On” Music Video: Sharon Hendrix (Pop/dance)

Throughout her five-decade career, Sharon Hendrix has worked with household names like Bob Dylan, Elton John and Stevie Wonder; she has also been a backup singer for Barry Manilow, Olivia Newton-John, Billy Cobham and many other top performers. “Hold On”, from her recent EP Fortitude, is an encouraging reminder to all. In the “Hold On” video (directed by Jacob Hauenstein), the actors take care of themselves in supportive ways, holding on and enjoying freedom of expression.

“Waiting” Music Video: Eucalyption (Rock/jam)

Brothers James and Ben Nissen formed Eucalyption in 2015, with rock at the core and a fusion of reggae grooves, funk and soul elements, and punk and hip-hop rhythms to spice it up. The video for “Waiting”, from their debut album Go Ahead and Ignore This If You Want, hits home – literally. Eucalyption and Director Ben Pennington bring us to their hometown of Baytown, TX in James’s ’05 Chevy Astro Van, rolling streets that are all too familiar in a van that’s a part of their everyday routine.

“Bleed With Who?” Music Video: Project213 (Rock)

Project213 is an explosion of ideas, driven by Jared Hallock’s eclectic approach to self-expression. “Bleed With Who?” further enhances their slightly-psychedelic perspectives. The video, which was directed by Ryan Donahue, takes an artistic left turn and lands somewhere in between Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock.

“Genie In A Bottle” Music Video: PORSHA (R&B/soul)

Ruby, SC native PORSHA has been heavily involved in music since childhood, and nothing – not even colon cancer – will defeat her. Now, PORSHA has teamed up with the production company Fi-Water Music and producer Michael Brooks to get her rhythmic tracks to the masses. In her steamy new video for “Genie In A Bottle”, she seduces the main character with her soulful R&B vocals… and an ability to make his desires come true.

“Free-Quincy” Music Video: Terry Milla (Hip-hop/pop)

Besides being his own source of creativity (he’s been featured in Source Magazine, Black Beat Magazine, and Trace Magazine; and toured with the AND-1 basketball team), Atlanta hip-hop artist Terry Milla has been a songwriter for others, penning tracks placed on TrueBlood, Switched at Birth, and The Gardener. “Free-Quincy”, a play on the word “frequency”, is his newest track and visual. The “Free-Quincy” video (directed by Terry Milla!) proves him a holistic hip-hop artist – though it begins with him in a hot tub surrounded by models, it surely doesn’t end that way.

“La Puerta Oculta” Music Video: Daglio (Rock)

Salvadoran-American rock singer Daglio has worked with rock groups Ultravioleta and Smoke & Mirrors, drawing equally from alternative music and the explosive Latin American pop-rock of the ’80s and ’90s; on his own, he’s balanced his influences with consummate grace and skill. “La Puerta Oculta”, sung in Spanish, comes to us from the upcoming EP of the same name. In the “La Puerta Oculta” video, Daglio plays a janitor at a high-tech laboratory – assisting (and sometimes irritating) the scientist while he… cleans.

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