Hiphopfriends “Private Party”

Ray Hungria
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April 12, 2010


The HipHopFriends know how to do it right — whether or not the cameras are rolling. In a genre that’s all about the hustle, their intelligence, business acumen, and commitment gives them a head start against the competition. The New York-based HipHopFriends are model artist/entrepreneurs, and they’re building a brand that’s every bit as hot as their rapping. When they’re not in the booth banging out irresistible club records like “Private Party”, they’re busy offering their marketing, distribution, management, and consulting services to other rappers on the grind. Their track record of success, their independent spirit, their flexibility, and their love for hip-hop have won them a reputation for excellence — and their award-winning Internet radio show ( has broadcast their voices to a growing international audience. HipHopFriends called their debut mixtape Built From The Ground Up, and that’s no idle boast. That’s their ethos and mission, and that’s how they will continue to make an indelible impression on contemporary rap music.

And just as businesslike Clark Kent emerges from the telephone booth as a Superman, the members of HipHopFriends have impressive alter-egos to unleash, too: ChuckieBigBux and DirtE Dread, otherwise known as the E&J Brothaz. As the flagship act of the HipHopFriends enterprise, the E&J Brothaz make passionately-performed and impeccably-structured rap songs with instantly-memorable hooks. The infectious “Private Party” is the obvious single — and a good bet to take the industry by storm this spring — but tracks like “Woe And Misery” and “Ode To Hip-Hop” demonstrate the rappers’ lyrical depth and commitment to longevity. HipHopFriends and E&J Brothaz may have viral hits, but they’re album artists at heart, and their records demonstrate their exhaustive knowledge of the hip-hop classics: Wu-Tang, Nas, Mobb Deep, and many other legendary names from the New York streets.

Always looking for an edge, the HipHopFriends have crafted a clever guerilla marketing campaign for “Private Party”, including distributing the song on eye-catching USB drives and printing the brand on champagne bottles. But as you’ll see, the best weapon in their promotional arsenal is their professionally-shot video for the song. Ray Hungria’s “Private Party” clip is as colorful and crisply-directed as anything you’ll see on MTV Jams — the party these guys are throwing looks like pure fun. Shot in an upscale urban apartment, the big windows and spiral staircases are decorated with beautiful girls. ChuckieBigBux and DirtE Dread are the guests of honor, and they play it cool — but you can tell they’re thrilled to be there, and who can blame them? And while this party is an exclusive one, they’re letting the viewer in on the revelry. “Hip-hop is for everyone”, they promise. It’s a generous approach, and a lucrative business strategy, too.

We’re very excited to be working with HipHopFriends to bring you this new clip. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about HipHopFriends and E&J Brothaz.