IHI feat. Malou Beauvoir, Beth Blatt, Alan Cavé, Bantu Dahyanah, Gloria Dlo, Sabine Louis-Jeune, Weslyne Zizzamia “Celebre”

IHI feat. Malou Beauvoir, Beth Blatt, Alan Cavé, Bantu Dahyanah, Gloria Dlo, Sabine Louis-Jeune, Weslyne Zizzamia
Directed by Steven DeGennaro
Add date – 4/16/2020

About IHI

As we have recently and forcefully been reminded, there is nothing more important than good health. Some nations take comprehensive care for granted, but in poorer nations, access to basic healthcare isn’t always easy to come by. Cancer treatment, in particular, can be extremely difficult to find, and the people who need care the most are often the last to get it. Luckily, IHI – Innovating Health International – is here to help – and a coalition of talented vocalists teamed up to help get the word out.

Innovating Health International has brought real treatment options to some of the most underserved regions of the world. Finding cost effective ways to diagnose cancer (chronic illnesses) at the early stages has enabled them to save thousands of lives. Their latest campaign tackles cancer and other chronic conditions in Haiti, Somaliland, and Malawi, and does so with particular focus on women’s health in rural communities, where women can’t afford to get treatment. So it was only appropriate when a sextet of powerful female singers from Haiti and around the globe volunteered to join forces to record “Celebre,” a benefit single for IHI designed to raise consciousness and funds. They’ve come together and made a song that’s simultaneously celebratory and elegiac, serious, smart, and wholly danceable.

“Celebre” is the result of a voluntary team effort led by Dr. Gail Granowitz, singer-songwriter Beth Blatt and renowned Haitian-American singer-songwriter and actress Malou Beauvoir, who were all ignited by IHI’s incredible cause. Beauvoir called upon her longtime creative team of co-producers and co-writers, Chico Boyer and Cheff Loncher, who volunteered their time and talents to the benefit project at a greatly reduced rate. After many twists and turns, including a surprise visit from Haitian mega-star Alan Cavé, the final single and music video features a sextet of Haitian-American female singers, whose combined voices create a melodic vibration that is simultaneously celebratory and elegiac, smart, serious and wholly danceable. 

About the video

Steven DeGennaro’s moving video for “Celebre” takes us to a clinic in the developing world. But there’s nothing somber about the scene he shows us: though this is a cancer ward, it’s full of the spirit of life and healing. The women we’re shown are getting treatment courtesy of IHI, and with it, a fighting chance. By the end of the clip, the singers, dancers, and patients are dancing together in scrubs, under the tropical sun, arms raised in defiance. It’s a bold statement of unity and a testament to the difference that IHI makes in the lives of women worldwide.

Want more from IHI and HIP Video Promo?

We’re honored to team up with IHI, Malou Beauvoir, and this team of talented vocalists to share “Celebre” with the world. Every cent of revenue from sales of the single goes directly towards supporting IHI and its team on the ground. A cervical cancer screening and breast examination can save someone’s life and costs as little as $3 per patient (or two downloads of the track!). To listen to “Celebre,” featuring Malou Beauvoir, Beth Blatt, Bantu Dayhannah, Gloria Dlo, Sabine Louis-Juene, Weslynne Zizzamia and guitarist Hiroyuki Yamadoto watch the music video! To make a donation to IHI or learn more, visit www.InnovatingHealthInternational.org. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to secure a spot for this clip in your regular programming and online presentations. For more info, call Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at 732-613-1779 or email info@HIPVideoPromo.com.