Inky Jack “Radar” / “Red For Days”

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Ben Patterson
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Ron Brodie Add Date: November 16, 2012

HIP Video Promo presents a fresh four-piece straight out of Brooklyn called Inky Jack. Many of their influences range from electro-pop, reggae, and punk genres. Their debut self-titled albumInky Jack, due for release in early 2013, is stretching their fame across the tri-state area. Their newest videos “Radar” and “Red for Days” transcend contemporary genres and form an eclectic transfusion of indie-rock and hip-hop that has been mixed together to create an astonishing blend of contemporary music.

The founding members established their creative charms while working in the urban/pop scene with artists such as Cash Money and Diplomats before coming to their senses and delving into their indie roots with characterized pop sensibilities. They have coined the term “synthy soul rock” to describe their records as well as live performances that consist of synthesizers and drum machines as well as the classic components of a modern rock band. The fun-loving and energetic beats vary, indicating their growing fan base. Raspy lead vocals blend Caribbean styles with modern twists, making the melodies of the songs impossible to deny. Having been compared to the likes of contemporary indie-rock artists such as Passion Pit, Gnarls Barkley and TV on the Radio, Inky Jack has landed themselves performances at the BK Indie Fest, CMJ, SXSW and Afropunk (where they shared the stage with artists such as Reggie Watts, Janelle Monae and TV on the Radio). They’ve also caught the attention of Netherlands-based label Dubbhism, who curated and released a remix EP by European artists of their track “Under The Ground.”

The band has caught the attention of the major labels here in the US, but has maintained their street smarts and have stuck with their independent roots. They have blasted through a monthly residency at Brooklyn’s Trash Bar, are currently killing it with a residency at Ella Lounge in the East Village, and have performed at high-end NYC venues like Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge and Highline Ballroom. All of this time onstage has them ready to support their release with live performances that simply force crowds to move to their sultry beats. Their upcoming music videos offer soul-searching through space and modern dilemmas as they withstand the hardships of daily city life. The clip “Radar” presents us with these so-called modern dilemmas, and we watch as Inky Jack floats through space, encouraging the most creative images known to the indie-rock genre.

Director Ben Patterson presents us with the lead singer and guitarist of Inky Jack soaring through the atmosphere in space suits. “Radar” contains compelling lyrics that entertain the notion of Inky Jack’s integrity, and the vocals express classic hip-hop grooves. The main guitar riff acts as an anthem and comes off as somewhat patriotic. This clip captures a sense of freedom and intelligence showing off the best qualities of Inky Jack’s performances. Journeying into Mars and floating throughout space, these band mates maintain a seductive, yet qualitative notion to the sounds of “Radar.”

The second clip “Red for Days” shows all members of the band staring at a television screen that is snowy without reception. Directed and edited by Ron Brodie, the video is somewhat of a continuation of “Radar.” We watch as each member explores alternate realities and different possibilities that aren’t tied to the existence they’ve been living in. It is an anthem for what music can do for the soul, and the spunky guitar riffs express the space exploration motif that Inky Jack does so well to present viewers with.

From the modern recollections here on earth to the wonders of the planet Mars, Inky Jack’s music relates to it all. For more information on this exciting new band, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or more info on Inky Jack.

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