Intruder 424 “Devil In Your Crown”


Intruder 424
“Devil In Your Crown”
Directed by Alex Kouvatsos
Transglobal / Sony / The Orchard
Add date – 5/5/2023

About Intruder 424

Brothers Pete and Chris Biggiani of Intruder 424 have been rocking together since their cradle days. Playing the bars and boardwalks of their hometown Toms River, NJ, they honed their synchronous sound, eventually turning heads with their past project. Touring around the country, they landed a spot on the TV show No Cover, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Alice Cooper and gaining an international audience. Now they’re refocused on their dark rock duo, producing astounding singles that make it hard to believe they feature only two musicians. With a burgeoning TikTok following generating over 10 million views, Intruder 424 is poised to receive the torch of the rock n roll greats they emulate.

About the “Devil In Your Crown” video

In their new single “Devil in Your Crown,” Intruder 424 holds nothing back as they explore the entrapment of narcissistic relationships. Launching off with a full-distortion riff and a thunderous rake of drums, the Biggiani brothers craft an atmosphere of devilish power. Chris lends his soaring vocals to the scathing lyrics that describe a tyrant attempting to control everything around him. Over Pete’s crashing and rolling drums, Chris offers a screeching and masterful solo before the song crashes out with swagger and disgust.

Take a deeper dive into the world of Intruder 424 with the music video for “Devil in Your Crown.” On a soundstage bathed in devilish crimson lights designed by Pete and Chris. The film serves as a tempting teaser for future live shows to come, as it’s almost impossible not to scrunch into a stank face and headbang along with the renegade romp. Fear not, dear listener; it won’t be long before Intruder 424 breaks beyond your eardrums and onto a stage near you.

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