INZO “Earth Magic (feat. Elohim)”


“Earth Magic (feat. Elohim)”
Directed by Emad Rashidi
Add date – 5/19/2023

About INZO

Every now and then, a musical visionary stands an entire genre on its head with a single track. In 2018, Chicago producer INZO dropped “Overthinker,” and future bass would never be the same. “Overthinker” was wildly adventurous, full of rhythmic switches, drops, floor-quaking bass, and mind-warping synthesizer. Yet INZO managed to make all of this musical happenstance feel as smooth and seamless as an ambient classic. Here was a song you could dance to and chill out to – possibly at the same time. Millions of streams later, it’s fair to call “Overthinker” a cornerstone of modern EDM.

About “Earth Magic”

Since then, INZO has followed the advice that “Overthinker” gave the world. He’s followed his instincts, trusted his exploratory impulses, and pushed further into the dream. His music has become more meditative and more seductive, but it’s also never been more inventive than it is right now. On “Earth Magic,” the title track and first release from the forthcoming Earth Magic EP, INZO revolutionizes his sound without breaking a sweat. Relaxation has never felt quite so exciting.

He’s had some help. INZO casts his “Earth Magic” spell alongside Los Angeles electropop artist Elohim, who lends her gossamer voice to the track. Together, they’ve amplified and deepened the characteristic elements of INZO’s composition and construction, including his jaw-dropping beat switches, his daring programming, and his brilliant use of negative sonic space. INZO uses tiny silences in the same way another producer might use hard beats: they’re both punctuation and propulsion, and they give “Earth Magic” its immersive character. What begins with a gorgeous wash of synthesizer develops into a trippy and subtly danceable track decorated with sudden pauses, skeins of notes, and dazzling electronic effects. It’s five minutes of ear candy of the tastiest kind and a demonstration of the breadth of INZO’s vision.

About the video

The magic extends to the song’s luminous clip. INZO walks an enchanted world, lighting up the earth around him as he travels. The artist navigates fields of glowing lights, steps to the digitally enhanced ledge of a cliff over the water, and follows the electrified lines that radiate from each footfall. He’s silhouetted against a purple sky and is shown in profile in front of a roaring red sun that resembles a stage light. Director Emad Rashidi pulls us into INZO’s mystical fantasia with wide-angle shots and spectacular drone footage. It’s all cinematic, sweeping, and effortlessly dramatic- a world without friction, saturated in beauty, and dizzy with wonder.

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We’re thrilled to team up with Lowly and the irrepressible INZO to champion his brand new “Earth Magic” ft. Elohim music video! Thank you for considering it for your programming and online presentations, it is very much appreciated. The Earth Magic EP is coming out soon, so be on the lookout for that and listen to other singles “Solstice” and “Drift Like A Cloud, Flow Like Water” now! Please let us know if you’ve got any questions or if you’d like us to send some INZO merch for contests and giveaways. Contact the HIP Video Promo team at or 732-613-1779, visit, or follow on Facebook, @inzomusic on Instagram, or @inzo_music on Twitter for more from INZO.