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Steve Willis
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March 10, 2015


Hey, who is that beauty in the back of a stretch limousine rolling down Hollywood Boulevard? It’s Isabel Rose, novelist, actress and screenwriter, cultural observer, and musician — and the multifaceted artist is back with her most accomplished album and most provocative video. “Never Satisfied” plays, simultaneously, as a celebration and a critique of our glamour-obsessed culture: in that honeyed voice of hers, Rose could be singing about a needy boyfriend, or showbiz and its relentless demands.

The talented Rose has seen the entertainment industry from quite a few different angles. She co-authored and starred in Anything But Love, a sharp romantic comedy released by Samuel Goldwyn Films. The J.A.P. Chronicles, her satirical book, won her a devoted audience among fans of humorous literature. Swinging From The Hip, her first album of jazz, standards, and grown-up, sophisticated pop, established Rose as an imaginative and gutsy interpretive singer. She’s even tried her hand at holiday music: her spirited “Hanukkah! Oh, Hanukkah” made its premiere this December, and seems likely to be in seasonal rotation for years to come.

Produced by the accomplished Bob Rock, Trouble In Paradise refines and extends Swinging From The Hip. Unwilling to confine herself to the better-known pages of the Great American Songbook, Rose has found her material in unusual quarters — “Never Satisfied,” for instance, sounds like a mid-’60s classic composition, but it’s actually a recent composition by the New York jazz singer Bianca Mancinelli. Rose loves the sound of Kennedy-era pop and movie musicals, and along with Rock, she’s successfully applied that Technicolor aesthetic to songs both familiar and novel.

So it’s no surprise that the clip for “Never Satisfied” begins with the flash of a paparazzo’s bulb. Director Steve Willis shoots Rose in a setting she’s intimately familiar with — the Tinseltown red carpet. The star, who applies her makeup in the back of her glitzy ride, certainly looks the part. But “Never Satisfied” also pokes fun at the velvet rope and its hangers-on. Rose goes through costume change after costume change; some are fabulous, some are daring, and some are downright ridiculous. But the camera crews don’t go crazy until the star bares everything. (A clever bit of pixelation keeps the clip PG.) Anybody who has seen a recent red carpet affair before an awards show knows how squarely Rose’s satire hits the bullseye.

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