The Jelly Project “Stupid Animal”

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Working Brilliantly
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December 28, 2012 


Hello friends, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew, very excited to present the extreme curiosity of The Jelly Project, a band that mixes the familiarity of classic rock acts such as Black Sabbath and Janis Joplin with the groove and grunge of 90s bands. Hometown Hustle states “what keeps you listening is a single, compelling idea: you’ve never quite heard a band like this” about The Jelly Project, and their latest video clip “Stupid Animal” presents music fans of contemporary grunge and experimental genres with an astounding mini-film about societal norms and begrudging political revolutions.

Since their introduction in late summer of 2010, The Jelly Project has been relentlessly writing, practicing, and recording. Fast forward a few months and the entire band is living under one roof, touring in their tricked out RV Rosie, unleashing their Primus infused blues at Sturgis and other great Midwest venues. Angelica “Jelly” Thomas is the eddy at the center of the recently formed Minneapolis rock four piece. She is spontaneous and hyper, “a mad teenager in a young woman’s body” says Justin Baker, and when you pair this songbird alongside the musical ability of the three musicians, and you have one incredible rock outfit. Their performance is wild and fresh including a long list of originals and a flurry of covers such as The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” and Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell.” They have once stated that they can perform for “a half hour or six hours,” relinquishing echoes of timeless musical genres.

St. Paul-based indie label Funk-It Records recognized the velocity and energetic feels of The Jelly Project and with the highly anticipated release of the band’s first full-length album, Ugly Dirty, the band is welcoming fans from all over. Their single “Stupid Animal” is accompanied by the outlandish and creatively expressive music video presented as a mini-film, which presents music listeners with the raw intensity that makes up this contemporary Minneapolis rock band.

The clip features Angelica “Jelly” Thomas hospitalized for “mental illness.” However, daunting images of doctors and other patients in animal masks lurk throughout the scenes of “Stupid Animal” and we find ourselves questioning the motives of governmental institutions. Watching Thomas break free from the hospital excites us and generates ideas pertaining to thoughts on society. Policeman and doctors once again imprison Thomas, but she finds a way outside, this time taking off the animal masks of passerby and revealing their true features. Funk-It Records worked in association with Working Brilliantly Productions to release a powerfully driven video that accentuates modern times and thrills our senses.

The Jelly Project’s debut album Ugly Dirty promotes classic rock driven chords intertwined with harmoniously energetic vocals. “Stupid Animal” unleashes the band’s animate and creative characteristics declaring what certain elements make up their music, and it is done so in such crafty, yet outlandish ways. For more information on The Jelly Project, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit for more information on The Jelly Project.

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