Jensen Reed “Grading On A Curve”

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Matthew Roe
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November 28, 2011


Sometimes our standards for mating change drastically after a series of direct hits to our ego. Also a few drinks can contribute to the downward spiral! We’ve got a hilarious take on this scenario for you to check out in music video form, programmers. It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video staff here with the second single from Jensen Reed, the LA MC who has been mashing hip hop flow with pop and rock influences to create his own space in the music universe. This time around the 80’s come as a big sonic influence with puffy synthesizers filling up the mix of the catchy tongue-in-cheek track “Grading On A Curve.”

Jensen Reed was injected with the hip hop dream when his friend handed him the microphone and asked him to drop a part of the Beastie Boys’ “Pass the Mic” at a show. Now the LA local is making his own path in the hip hop jungle. His debut album entitled Forget About The Cameras has been making serious waves in the music and movie world from the moment of its inception. Reed has recently teamed up with revered music-video and film director Mark Pellington, who’s worked with Pearl Jam, U2 and the Foo Fighters, at Sundance, and now Pellington is using Reed’s songs in his latest film I Melt With You, starring Rob Lowe and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven. Reed’s tracks also placed in the popular series Friday Night Lights, the Oscar-nominated film The Messenger and a number of MTV shows. Jensen’s song “Going Under” (feat. Holly Brook) will be part of the upcoming film Lust for Love, which stars some of the cast from the popular action series Dollhouse. Reed developed a massive presence with his original material and with a popular YouTube spoof of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” with a hilarious Duke basketball smackdown video that went viral, earning half a million hits.

“Grading On A Curve” contrasts a lot of Jensen’s pervious work with its biting humor. The song, recorded in 80’s pop fashion, sports an array of synthesizers and a massive chorus hook that will be stuck in your head for days. Reed spits a series of rhymes about those crushing (literally) moments in the night when one downgrades their standards in selecting who to take home and settles for a sure thing. The choice is quickly followed up with simultaneous remorse bundled with an odd satisfaction and complacency. Reed isn’t afraid to portray himself as a “douchebag” in this clip, suffering through his unfortunate role for our watching pleasure. It pays off – this video is a riot from start to finish, with a one-liner moment you’ll be quoting to all your friends! Though Reed chooses to take a ride one the wide side, the track is nothing short of a radio ready ten! The production features this MC’s signature rock influences like a duet of guitars and drums supporting the digital instruments. You may have regrets about last night, but you won’t about giving this song a whirl.

We are excited to bring an indie MC who is making it happen through hard work and flawless production. Join us in exposing this hilarious romp to the masses this holiday season! We’ve got plenty of copies of Forget About The Cameras here for your listening enjoyment and any giveaways, so reach out today! If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at . You can also visit to find out more about Jensen Reed and any show dates near you.

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