JES “Awaken”

Katheryne KTEE Thomas
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February 14, 2011


Hello fellow programmers, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video promo staff sending you a brand new clip that will surely help you transcend the bounds of our current plane of reality. The electric Queen of Rocktronica, JES, returns to the screen with another high voltage video for her latest single “Awaken.” Continuing on the trail of success from the “Lovesong” and “Closer” music videos, “Awaken” stays on course for excellence, pairing high end visual quality with timeless ethereal vocals and melody.

“Awaken” is an optical thrill that seduces the viewer to follow JES into various location that have to be believed to be seen and seen to be believed. The video takes place in a vast open desert, a mountainous valley, a vacant nightscape, and completely submerged in an underwater wonderland. All of these visuals play a symbolic part to the lyrics, and as JES sings, “Awaken you heart, your mind,” the viewer is treated with vivid colors and a sense of weightlessness. The songstress, of course, is at the center of her mystical plane, as she traverses her kingdom with a voluptuous step.

JES once again summons the sound that recognizes her well deserved title. “Awaken” is, on one hand, an electronic calculation, featuring a thumping bass and bubbling synth, but on the other, an untamed guitar laced animal racing with unpredictability. This hybrid combination is something that can be appreciated by dance connoisseurs just as much as rock aficionados. Regardless of the style JES chooses to channel, she always delivers it with Madonna-like confidence, which is only a testament to her fame!

“Awaken” is the third single from the always buzzworthy High Glow, which was well received globally and peaked at No. 22 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart. JES has seen fame and success prior to this album with her uber-famous andTop Of The Pops honored dance group, Motorcycle. She has also collaborated with Armand van Helden, Paul van Dyk, the Grammy nominated BT, and Deepsky, as well as toured the world with Dutch electronic-music pioneer Tiësto. JES continues to receive press recognition even a year into her record cycle, as ELLE Magazine has just ran a piece on her this December. She is currently touring the globe in support of the latest single, hitting Beirut and Cyprus, and eventually culminating in San Francisco.

This video most definitely tingles both the ears and eyes and we are proud to be able to offer it for your programming pleasure. The staff at Black Hole Recordings have provided us with all of the High Glow copies you will need for giveaways and contests. Just reach out, and we will have them right to you. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at . You can also visit to find out more about JES.

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