Jim Peterik “All That’s Mine To Give”

Jim Peterik
“All That’s Mine To Give”
Directed by Cathy Richardson
Jim Peterik Records
Add date – 10/14/2022

About Jim Peterik and “All That’s Mine To Give”

“There’s a certain type of crazy that will always keep us sane,” Toby Hitchcock sings in the second verse of “All That’s Mine To Give,” the latest single from the legendary songwriter Jim Peterik. They mean the madness that all lovers share — the faith that they’re worthy of affection, the magic won’t fade, and that their partners will continue to find them fascinating. Improbable, sure. Then again, crazy as it seems, it’s something that happens all the time. The words of “All That’s Mine To Give” acknowledge the miracle of love and celebrate togetherness and the indissoluble bond between two genuine soulmates.

The music backs the sentiment up. Peterik, who has written wildly romantic songs for Survivor, .38 Special, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, The Ides of March, and other world-famous bands, gives us a skyscraping ballad with a melody as sparkling and unbreakable as a diamond in the platinum bezel of a wedding ring. “All That’s Mine To Give” is a song for the soundtracks of our lives: our first loves, our late-night pledges, our weddings, and our anniversaries. It’s an adamantine composition from a writer who knows plenty about enduring value. 

He’s paired himself with a vocalist who makes his passion and his earnestness manifest. Toby Hitchcock fronts Pride Of Lions, Peterik’s contribution to contemporary pop-rock. Through the duo, Hitchcock and Peterik imbue the timeless sound of ’80s arena rock with the urgency and inventiveness of modern alternative music. Hitchcock is a singer powerful and flexible enough to harmonize both styles: he can generate the drama characteristic of the glam metal era, but he can also sing with the sensitivity and nuance of a romantic balladeer. On “All That’s Mine To Give,” he applies his voice to a sturdy melody and a statement of eternal devotion — and he makes both sound as inevitable and welcome as sunshine.

About the video

Peterik matches “All That’s Mine To Give” to a lyric video that makes every ringing word count; they’re printed here in the soft, melting cursive of a glossy invitation. But there’s more than text in this clip. There are plenty of images, too: lovers kissing and holding hands, watching sunsets, and reveling in each other’s company. Every one of these couples is different, but they all share a single thought. They’ve found their partners for life, and they want the world to know. 

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We’re thrilled to team up once again with the one and only Jim Peterik! He’s not one to boast too often about what he’s done in his illustrious career, but we can! Thanks for considering including the “All That’s Mine To Give” lyric video in your programming and online presentations, it is very much appreciated. Please let us know if you’d like more info or if you’d like us to send some cool Jim Peterik merch for contests and giveaways! Reach out to the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or info@HIPVideoPromo.com, or head to JimPeterik.com for more on Jim Peterik.  

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