JLINE “I Think I’m In Love”

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May 28, 2013


JLINE’s music combines pop, R&B, and dance to create a unique sound that is punctuated by his energetic stage persona. He tours throughout the country in venues that reach music listeners of all ages. HIP Video Promo presents the astounding video for his single “I Think I’m In Love,” a song that reaches out to music lovers from every corner of the world. JLINE’s performances consist of a team of back-up dancers that have been touring the US throughout venues that range from colleges to dance clubs, as well as middle schools to famous music festivals. This budding artist’s music has been featured on heavy rotation in MTV’s music programming, while his television appearances include interviews and performances on Cw11 News, Good Day NY, CT Fox 61, and Time Warner Cable. Besides being a well-rounded singer and performer, JLINE is also an accomplished choreographer; his hip-hop/jazz/funk choreography has been showcased during each one of his live shows and highlights his talents not only as a singer and a dancer, but as a successful entertainer.

JLINE takes his music to a whole new level when he performs at middle schools and high schools throughout the country. Taking his musical messages one step further, he speaks to kids and teens one on one after a positively enforced musical performance about his own experience in school. JLINE has been a target of bullying himself, and he encourages young adults to triumph through and use their dark experiences to influence the potential artist and person that they can become. Above all, he has established an anti-bullying campaign Victor & Victory: Where Do You Stand? that is helping young adults battle their own crisis of bullying. JLINE states, “The response to the show has been incredible and exceeded my wildest expectations,” You can see for yourself all that this amazing artist has to offer in this exceptional music video “I Think I’m In Love.”

“I Think I’m In Love” has been co-directed, choreographed, and edited by JLINE himself, and throughout the scenes he presents viewers with a multitude of his multi-faceted talents. Set within many social settings, JLINE admits to how he falls in and out of love frequently, but is weary of settling for someone who is not worthy of his love. We watch as he performs and entertains viewers with his smooth and eclectic dance moves, while his back-up dancers serve the purpose of adding creative and inspiring anecdotes to the scenes. “I Think I’m In Love” is a powerful tune that emanates the energy and budding charisma of JLINE’s character.

From encouraging performances to his inspirational anti-bullying campaign, JLINE is making a name for himself within the contemporary music scene and we’re here to help spread the word, so please get in touch so we can get you whatever you may need! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff for any upcoming news and information on JLINE at  info@HIPVideoPromo.com .