Joe L. Murgo “Strong!”

Joe L. Murgo
Add date – 4/22/2024

About Joe L. Murgo

Rhode Island native, current Charlotte NC resident and lifelong rock electric accordionist Joe L. Murgo began his songwriting journey with “Liberty Rising”, an emotional 9-11 anthem described by the Tunnel to Towers Foundation as “extraordinarily thoughtful” and “amazing!”  Since then, Joe has composeddozens of all-original songs, many which can be heard on and on major streaming platforms. An accomplished keyboardist in his own right, Joe does not perform in front of live audiences, except at his home for friends and family after indulging in multiple bottles of wine!

While the Joe L. Murgo sound features elements of modern-Nashville country rock, it is decidedly unique. “You know, if you try to write songs that sound like everyone else’s, you lose the individualistic artistry that makes you uniquely you”, Joe responded when asked about his writing style. “A lot of the newer stuff coming out of Nashville these days uses a writing formula built around beat and clever rhyme schemes, which might be fine for younger audiences, but it all starts sounding alike after a while. Plus many folks north of 30 want songs with more memorable melodies, hooks and lyrical substance.”

And that’s exactly the appeal of Joe L. Murgo songs. Listeners can’t help but feel energized and uplifted by the great stories, great melodies and stick-in-your-brain hooks each Joe L. Murgo song uniquely delivers. After listening to “Strong!”, check out “Right Beside You”, “Southern Comfort Inn” and “Shine On My World”, each with a very different vibe and message, but reflective of Joe’s writing style built around fantastic melody and thoughtful content.

About “Strong!”

Throughout our lives, and especially the last four years, all of us have had to navigate through an obstacle course of problems and uncertainties. “Strong!” captures the zeitgeist of the increasingly crazy and unpredictable world we live in, a rallying cry to remind the global human community to stay resilient and never surrender without fighting the good fight. Strong! features a dynamic young country male lead vocal built around a wall of powerful country rock guitars and an amazing jump-out-of-your-chair chorus.

According to Joe, “I wrote ‘Strong!’ to help those who are down, to get back up. To encourage those close to quitting, to keep trying. To inspire those who have lost their faith, to keep believing. And to urge those who are discouraged and weary… to be strong! If ‘Strong!’ doesn’t get you pumped up, better check the heart monitor!”

About the “Strong!” Lyric Video

The video brings the “Strong!” story to life by providing the listener with cool visual cues that match up perfectly with the track. “Strong!” captures the essence of perseverance in the face of adversity and stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the enduring power of music to uplift the soul.

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