Kelly Padrick “Tangled Forest”

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Patricia Chica
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October 5, 2012


The enchanting stardom of Kelly Padrick’s music is inspiring and groundbreaking. Her music tells stories and tales that are set in contemporary times, but with lyrics that emanate the past, and vocal melodies that can be compared to classic-rock all star, Stevie Nicks, Padrick has made a name for herself within the style and unique fairy tale qualities of her debut video “Tangled Forest.”

Kelly Padrick has been writing songs since an early age, and has performed in the local coffee shops throughout Rhode Island. However, the eager artist decided to spread her love for music and moved to the streets of New York City. Once she arrived, she became enthralled with the underground music scene and began to play local clubs and bars. Her experience in collaborating with various musicians in the New York and Los Angeles area has aided the release of four full-length albums, Haze, Carmine Street, Hello My Love, and her newest album, Soulmate. Her music has been known to deliver feelings of haunting inspiration, complete enthrallment, and clever ideas revolving around love and commitment.

The Brooklyn Hours, a six song EP was prominently featured in ABC’s Desperate Housewives promos during the 2010 season. Her witty and creative song “Pizza and Fairytales,” was featured in the Fox Searchlight movie Trust The Man. Her style captivates the wonders of the contemporary music scene, and her music gives off an aura that is undeniably inspirational. Padrick’s performances not only entertain and enlighten, but they tell stories that are universal to the every day necessities of life. Her most recent video “Tangled Forest” does just that. Directed by Patricia Chica, an award-winning director, producer, and visual artist who specializes in innovative drama and conceptual music videos has carefully crafted a video that accentuates the themes of Padrick’s well-acclaimed song “Tangled Forest.” The video is their seventh collaboration that was filmed throughout various locations within Montreal, and from the premiere at four film festivals this past August, “Tangled Forest” gives us a closer look at all that this theatrical, yet groundbreaking artist has to offer. For a quick peek at the video, check it out here:

We’re very excited to introduce all of you to this accomplished and unique artist, and it is our hope that you will find a place for her in your programming. We’re here to hook you up with anything you may need, including copies of her new album, Soulmate. For more information on this innovative artist, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or follow her on Twitter @kellypadrick for more info on Kelly Padrick.

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