KO “House Party”

“House Party”
Directed by Kenn Orr
Koos Records
Add date – 1/14/2022

About KO

As a barber, contractor, sound technician, singer, and music composer/producer, KO is highly versatile and creative. Time after time, he’s proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in R&B and pop music. KO has done it again with his latest song, “House Party,” KO has done it again. Growing up in Courtland, Alabama, KO was constantly singing and making gospel music with his parents and six sisters. Over time, he taught himself how to produce, arrange, and edit music on his own. Once he discovered his unique voice, he transitioned out of gospel, embracing his creative potential with a more popular modern sound. In 2015, listeners were drawn to KO with his first R&B album, Addendum. He even got to perform at Alabama’s largest music festival, Annual Bay Fest, with other famous performers, including Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B., Ludacris, and more. Nowadays, KO lives in Huntsville and triumphs as a family man, visionary, and jack of all trades. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist with keen attention to detail in all his pursuits, people everywhere will certainly recognize his love and care for people and the work he does throughout his music. 

About “House Party”

In these challenging pandemic times, “House Party” is the perfect feel-good track for anyone skipping out on the club in favor of staying at home. KO’s smooth vocals shape his lighthearted lyrics with a message to be happy and have fun. This strays from the dark, heavy subject matter common in R&B. However, the carefree, catchy parts of pop merged with the rhythms and depth of R&B result in this flawless blend of musical genres that make this song stand out. With that, KO highlights all the perks and must-haves for any great house party: the selectiveness of your special guest list, the array of delicious food options, the type of good music to be played, and the freedom to party as long as you want without a set end in sight. Rapper Jeremy Young (KO’s cousin) shows an effortless flow, and it goes without saying that KO outdid himself arranging and producing this track’s chill beat. All in all, this single has all the right ingredients to be listeners’ favorite house party hit. 

About the video

The creative vision presented in this music video is guaranteed to resonate with all its viewers. The video starts with KO doing regular party prep, with camera angles making it feel like the viewer is in the room with him through it all. After taking the last of the food out of the oven, KO organizes the dishes for all the expected guests to serve themselves as they please. He welcomes in the DJs and sets up the finishing touches in the party space just in time for his beautiful wife to arrive. With KO being a newlywed, it’s quickly learned that this big event he planned in the video is entirely for her. Everything from the food and music to the red carpet and 360-degree photo/video booth is there for the two of them to enjoy the night together. With this sweet gesture, the video ends with KO putting a blanket over his wife after she has fallen asleep from their exciting night in. 

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