Krish Valentine “All Yours”


Krish Valentine
“All Yours”
Directed by Maria Whatley and Lenny Vittili
Global Image Entertainment /Ingrooves /Universal
Add date – 12/2/2022

About Krish Valentine

Exhibiting talent that belies his years, Krish Valentine is getting a strong start to his professional career in the music industry at just 15 years old. From age 3, his passion for the arts was evident in the walls of his childhood home in Massachusetts. He would sing entire songs and memorize long monologues and dialogues from different plays for his family. Once he sat at a keyboard and picked up a guitar, original chords and melodies flooded his mind naturally. The up-and-coming songwriter, now based in California, is making great strides, having been noticed by the Global Image Talent agency’s founder and CEO, Maria Whatley. With his head-turning artistry, youthful exuberance, and unrefined charm, Krish Valentine is a shoo-in to become the next teenage heartthrob with his latest single, “All Yours.” 

About “All Yours”

The upbeat electronic pop song “All Yours” not only suits Krish Valentine’s smooth vocal riffs but captures “puppy love” in a way that a wide range of audiences can understand. The lyrical foundation is based on that crush we have all experienced and would do anything to win over and go steady with. Krish Valentine delivers the feelings associated with the innocent romance in a danceable and fun way while remaining genuine and heartfelt. He says, “One day you’ll see I’m all you need,” and it’s hard to say no to his soft eyes, gentle smile, and sweet vocal tone bearing all his emotions before listeners. Ultimately, “All Yours” is all-encompassing of a teen crush and empowering anyone, young and old, to have a good time and be free, which Krish Valentine epitomizes so well. 

Want more from Krish Valentine and HIP Video Promo?

We are thrilled to be working with Krish Valentine and Global Image Talent to secure further exposure for his brand new “All Yours” music video. He is already working on another single, which is set to release around Valentine’s Day 2023. This song and visual mark the beginning of his promising career, and we are excited to follow his creative journey ahead. We greatly appreciate your consideration of this video for inclusion in your cherished programming and online presentations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the HIP Video Promo team – we are happy to answer any of your Krish Valentine questions, and we’d be delighted to send over some cool Krish Valentine merch for contests and giveaways! Contact HIP at 732-613-1779 or and you can visit for more information about Krish Valentine.