Laust Sonne “X-Mas Morning”

Laust SonneArtist:
Laust Sonne
Billy B Records
“X-Mas Morning”
Thomas Jessen
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December 1, 2017


Coming all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, Laust Sonne, a HIP Video Promo veteran, has returned with more catchy tunes once again! The holiday season is among us, and Laust Sonne is getting into the spirit early this year. For those who don’t know Sonne, a recent interview can help you out: he described his music as “Modern Pop with Heart” and we couldn’t agree more.

While many know Laust Sonne best as the drummer for the iconic Danish band D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark), his smash hits including “Reckless” and “On The Radio” have been making even bigger waves. Today, we bring you Laust Sonne’s newest single “X-Mas Morning”, and if you have been keeping up with the multi-instrumentalist Scandinavian, you’re probably thinking that this holiday jam sounds a little familiar. That’s because it is both a musical and visual reimagination of “Sunday Morning”, Sonne’s previous tale of heartbreak when feelings of love are not reciprocated.

The video opens with Sonne on his acoustic guitar, accompanied by a string quartet, a perfect pair for the new tone of the song. The woman Sonne longs for in the last video is brought back in short glimpses, and she is seen living freely, once again without him. Her beauty shine’s through just as it did in “Sunday Morning”, captured by her dancing. However, this time she does not show up at the end asking for forgiveness. We can only hope this means that two-sided love cycle does continue, as it clearly hurts the both of them.

Teaming up with a remarkable string quartet, visually, “X-Mas Morning” is matched with warmer, more somber colors and tones, whereas “Sunday Morning” features a shift of similar colors to black and white. Both videos go hand in hand, and it is a special experience to watch both after each other. It is astonishing how Sonne only had to adjust a single word for the song to present a completely mood, and it’s thanks to his incredible writing ability.

As always, Laust Sonne brings us the best of the best and we hope you’ll include this video not only in this year’s holiday programming, but for many years to come! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (723)-613-1779 or email for more info on Laust Sonne.

Laust Sonne

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