Life Change ft B Red “Hit The Spot”

Life Change ft. B Red
“Hit The Spot”
Directed by Life Change Music
Add date – 2/17/2023

About Life Change

Imagine this: an independent rapper on the rise releases his newest song to the public, and little does the budding artist know, a successful musician in his genre is listening along and loving every second. The track made such an impact that the famous artist searched for its creator, wanting to collaborate. This story is a dream for every musician, and well-deserving Liberian artist Life Change experienced it firsthand. The masterful rapper, also known as Prince Korfeh, always remembers his roots as he produces tracks with irresistible afro beats. His captivating sound derives from his professional DJ background and lyrical finesse. At an early age, he began rapping over beats for friends, who have remained his most dedicated supporters. They knew Life Change’s heartfelt messages and unique beats would put Liberia on the music industry map. Nigerian singer B Red attests to this, as he instantly recognized Prince’s innate talent, and chose to hop on a track with him that will help the recognition of his talent to the world. This song was produced by Beetovin Nackit and directed by Prince Korfeh (Life Change), “Hit The Spot.”

About the “Hit The Spot” video

Life Change is always prepared to produce a banger. He has compiled a collection of beats through his passion for music production. When it came down to collaborating with B Red, he had the perfect beat and complementary lyrics already in mind. Red then produced a killer hook, and together they created magic. Drawing inspiration from the likes of rap giants like 50 Cent and Wale, they incorporated the infamous tempo from 50’s iconic “Candy Shop” to honor their favorite genre. “Hit The Spot” contains a similar narrative to the carnal lyrics of “Candy Shop.”

The music video is as impressive as the track itself. Change and Red came together and managed to record, master, and film “Hit The Spot” in just one day. Artistically utilizing the resources at hand, they shot the video in various locations at their disposal. From an Airbnb to a hotel room, the music video effectively captures the joyous and sensual tone of the record.

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We are thrilled to provide Life Change’s “Hit The Spot” with the attention it deserves to rise to the top. Thank you for viewing! Your consideration of this clip in your programming and online presentations is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for Life Change’s upcoming singles, where he demonstrates his versatility as an artist. One of the tracks is the powerful and fearless “I na come ” and the other is a motivational message to Liberia’s youth or anyone who want to speak out on issues that are bothering them and the society as large but the have fears to speak out! If you have any questions or want to send us merch for contests and giveaways, please don’t hesitate to contact the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or You can also visit or follow @231lifechange on Instagram and @lifechangemusic on Facebook for the latest on Life Change.