Lila Rose “Heart Machine”

Lila RoseArtist:
Martin Estevez
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August 14, 2013


Lila Rose has always stood out from the crowd. With a style that blends Florence and the Machine with Little Dragon and Fiona Apple, her groundbreaking tunes present high energy infused by grit. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce her imaginative music video clip “Heart Machine.”

One-time actor and world traveler, Lila Rose became engulfed in music in 2004 and has thrown herself into pursuit of the perfect expression of song. Her distinctive voice and compassionate understanding of the world around her, she writes songs with unbeatable passion and wise poetry. After spending much of her teenage years struggling with depression, Lila Rose has emerged from the darkness to create empowering music.

She began her musical career five years ago in her native country, Canada. Two singles with Grammy winning producer Pete Prilesnik earned Lila some well-deserved attention, yet a trip to the US West Coast led her to what would become her second home and the launch station of the next phase in her career: San Francisco. Here, Lila’s first EP Osmos Your Sonica was created in 2009. This fall, she is set to release her debut, full-length album Heart Machine, co-produced with David Earl a.k.a. LogicNinja. From the upcoming record, we present this well-rounded clip for “Heart Machine.”

The video is jam-packed with headstrong material. “Heart Machine” is a renowned single that invites listeners to embark on a mesmerizing journey. Lila is featured in the scenes herself, and in this adventurous and mysteriously endearing clip, we become nothing but mesmerized. “Heart Machine” is a must-see and will do nothing but excite our senses and open up our minds to the whole new philosophy of Lila Rose.

Her crafty style and imaginative sense of wonder has helped land Lila Rose’s future in music. “Heart Machine” is an intense video that supports the ideas of many human beings. Organic, natural, and original, Lila Rose’s music exercises the mind. For more information on this exciting new artist, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at .