Liz Primo “State Of Amazing”

Liz PrimoArtist:
Evan White
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August 24, 2011


Hello programmers everywhere! It’s Andy Gesner and the rest of the HIP Video Promo staff serving up a clip that’s sure to get you dancing frenzy. Liz Primo is an electronica diva in the making, and she’s ready to pump your speakers full of her feel good bass vibrations with “State of Amazing.”

Liz Primo has the effervescent energy and expressive voice to create the ideal soundtrack for fantastic adventures in the urban night. Liz teamed up with producers and co-writers Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson) and Justin Trugman (Pussycat Dolls, Eminem, Step Up Soundtrack) to deliver a song that is sounds as good as it feels. “State of Amazing” is chock full of healthy beats and courageous synthesizer acrobatics, with a chorus hook that will play out in your head long after the song is over. This Austin, Texas native and LA resident has been involved in music since her early years, from helping local rappers lay down chorus hooks, to fronting a group called The Ghost Band, for shows on Austin’s famed 6th Street, biker gigs, and SXSW. Before her recent discovery by the well-known producers, Primo spent hours on sets as an extra, did promotional modeling gigs all over Los Angeles and worked four jobs simultaneously! She’s a hard and deserving worker that never loses her charm and ethic.

“State of Amazing” is an upbeat dancy number that sports a lush melodic atmosphere and a pumping house beat. The mission is clear: pour the party attitude and dance the night away. Liz Primo has the moves to show she means business too. The clip is sexy and full of flashy choreography, as our lovely diva lights up the screen with her exquisite outfits and energetic moves. Liz is made to be heard and seen, like any deserving diva should be. Just as the viewer might get accustomed to spoiling him or herself with the fancy garments and routines, Liz Primo turns off the lights and turns the whole thing into a black light spectacle! All the dancers suddenly become skeletons and outlines of themselves as they perform their new moves while glowing in the dark. This video is a tantalizing all-out ball to get any night started right, and the one piece swimsuit our heroine dons in this video is enough Eric Prydz and his “Call On Me” video jealous!

We are very excited to be working Liz Primo’s team to bring you this killer clip and hope it becomes the life of your playlists in the upcoming weeks. We’d love hook you up with some Liz Primo goodies, so let us know if you want some coming your way. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at



Liz Primo