Liza Jane “Man Or The Monster”

Liza Jane
“Man Or The Monster”
Directed by Joseph Spence
Liza Jane
Add date – 12/15/2023

About Liza Jane

Born and raised in Key West, FL, pop vocalist Liza Jane had to find her voice way out in the middle of nowhere. At just two years old she prophetically declared to her parents that she “came here to sing”, and the waves beckoned back their approval.

Pursuing classical vocal training in opera at Belmont University, Liza Jane naturally found her way into the songwriting circles of her Nashville surroundings, however her songs and heart yearned for Pop and Dance music and she headed to Los Angeles to find and build a team to grow her sound.

With a relocation to Los Angeles, her impressive voice and professional resonance drew the attention and efforts of reciprocally talented collaborators and supporters. Under vocal coach Rosemary Butler (Bonnie Rait, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, and actress Riley Keough from Daisy & The Six), she’s fine-tuning her sound while sophisticating her image with the help of creatives like photographer Pamela Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen, Ice Cube, Trent Reznor, Lenny Kravitz, and Keith Richards). Not surprisingly, Sirius XM radio already has ‘Man Or The Monster’ spinning on their Stonebridge Radio channel! The single is a top trending song at both TikTok and Instagram platforms from users creating their own #dancechallenges.

About the “Man or The Monster” video

Liza Jane’s most recent single “Man Or The Monster” is an energetic flex for this rising starlet. Produced by Shayon Daniels and remixed by iconic music producer Stonebridge, this song vibrates with Gaga-esque frequencies. Danceable from its first club-driven drumbeat, Jane’s tune immerses listeners in a dark world of infidelity. Tunneling through captivating synths, Jane’s voice draws fans through the gaslit devastation toward self-reclamation.

“As much I loved remixing Liza Jane’s new single ‘Man Or The Monster,’ I was equally excited to be working on ‘Sacrifice (the forthcoming 2024 single),’ giving it that special edge too! “ 

-Iconic Dance Producer Remixer Collaborator STONEBRIDGE

In the music video for “Man Or The Monster”, director Joseph Spence crafts a similarly seductive atmosphere of suspense. After learning of her partner’s infidelity, Jane is forced to witness as he conducts his perilous pursuits during her nightclub performance. Moody and macabre, the visuals perfectly complement the dark undertones of Liza Jane’s driven new single, while maintaining its powerful pulse

‘Man Or The Monster’ delves into the complexities of a betrayed love affair, portraying a partner living a double life akin to the duality of the iconic Batman villain, Two-Face. The enigmatic persona could manifest in either gender, as this characteristic transcends gender boundaries. People often ask me if this is a real story, and I’d suggest watching the video and you decide..”

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