LNDN “Life Like That”

“Life Like That”
Directed by Graham Dorsay
Add date – 2/25/2022

About LNDN

With a minimalistic approach to the pop scene is LNDN, an up-and-coming artist from Vancouver Island dedicated to connecting with fans through his art. Through piecing together dreamy layered harmonies that speak to the themes of living authentically, LNDN explores life’s most important lessons through the beauty of music. His easy, free-flowing vocals immerse you into a heightened state of peace, while the unique soundscape keeps you grounded in reality. Whether it’s struggling to discover your self-identity to understanding how to lead the life of your dreams, LNDN provides the sage wisdom to help you traverse through every aspect of life. Take a listen to his latest single, “Life Like That,” for a dip into the unique mind of LNDN. 

About the video

Let go of any hesitation and allow yourself to fall deep into the rabbit hole in LNDN’s music video for “Life Like That.” Channeling the feeling of unbridled ambition, he pushes through the noise to bring lyrical honesty to the mainstream. The video captures this essence through long takes of the artist constantly moving forward to an unknown goal. LNDN and director Graham Dorsey provide a visual representation of a deep feeling we all have: the doubts and questions we hold, whether we are heading in the right direction, and navigating unfamiliar environments to see where we fit. Inspired by LNDN’s struggles between moving from rural landscapes and bustling cities to laid-back coastal towns, listeners can find a piece of themselves in every lyric the artist pens. “Life Like That” is quirky yet powerful storytelling at its finest and offers a perfect introduction to LNDN’s eclectic discography. 

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